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Walmart seems to be the breeding grounds for interesting sights you couldn’t find anywhere else.

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#15 – Letting It All Hang Out
If we wanted to see people undress, we would turn to the internet, not Walmart. However, it appears in this photo that this woman didn’t care that she was in a public establishment, she’s was baring it all for everyone.

#14 – The Banned Clan
What do you do when you get kicked out and banned from the local neighborhood Walmart? You take up residence in the parking lot. OK, the group in this picture isn’t “living” in the parking lot, but they sure are hanging out there. So, the answer to the question, “What do you do?” is to hang out right next to the establishment, just to piss them off.

#13 – Mr. Prim And Proper
Only in Walmart do you find just flat out bizarre things you cannot explain. The man in this picture, for instance, we have no idea where he is going or what he’ll be doing in that getup he’s got on. Something else tells us we just don’t care to know.

#12 – Someone Preparing Their Own Meat
It would certainly be odd walking into a grocery store to see the sight in this picture. There are times when you end up in a store that has an in-house butcher, but that isn’t that common. Seeing as though people go to grocery stores to avoid having to go out and actually hunt for food, it is strange to see this woman walking around Walmart covered in blood like she’d just killed her own chicken for tonight’s dinner.

#11 – The Express Lane
There really wouldn’t be a more accurate photo of America than this picture of the speedy checkout line in Walmart. Does anyone know where this was taken? We could guess of a few places.

#10 – The Hunting Fairy
The beast in this picture is so elusive that we didn’t even know of its existence until found this piece of photographic proof. We knew about the Tooth Fairy, but we’ve certainly never heard of the Hunting Fairy. Who knew?

#9 – A Big Baby
If you are a sane human being, a crying baby gets on your nerves pretty quickly. It’s not their fault they can’t tell you what they want or need but it still causes a strain since adults can’t speak baby. So, why would you want to recreate that helpless time in your life by dressing up and playing the part? We don’t know the answer to that question but we do know that the big baby in this picture might.

#8 – Please Sir
To the man in this picture, we only have one thing to say. We mustache him a question like why is his mustache on top of his head instead of above his lips. His wife should have told him the truth about what he looked like before yall left the house.

#7 – Random Pets
OK, who are we to question the authentic cuteness of the pet squirrel in this picture? This just might be the only thing in this video that we would have welcomed the sight of, as long as it doesn’t have rabies.

#6 – Making Rent
There are many, many different ways to go out in the world and make enough to live off of. Yes, rent is ridiculously expensive but it’s something that you need unless you want to be sleeping in a cardboard box under the overpass. There are many different positions hiring within Walmart, but none of them involve the activities the woman pictured here has found herself doing. She woke up knowing she needed to make rent so she had a friend saran wrap her so she could collect a portion rent from each passerby.

#5 – Some Good News
While it is definitely a beautiful blessing to discover you are pregnant, the rest of the world didn’t care to find out in the manner presented in this image. Congrats and all but now we can’t buy anything on that shelf and we need to go wash our eyeballs. A Facebook announcement would have sufficed.

#4 – An Ungroomed Human
With a title like that, this picture could have gone a dozen different ways. Regardless of whatever you were thinking, it probably wasn’t anything like the man in this image. We’ve never seen a beard grow like the hairy scarf he’s proudly sporting.

#3 – True Pride
Well, we know that there isn’t a bumper sticker for the message in this picture, but that obviously didn’t stop this proud parent from figuring out how to show their love. Being a parent is truly a blessing, clearly.

#2 – An Accident
Judging by this picture of the mysterious stain, we don’t know if this is a bad tie dye job or if this lady really couldn’t make it anywhere better in time. We’ve never seen brown tie dye like this before so we unfortunately think that this accident was truly an accident which is something no one wants to see when they are picking up some dinner.

#1 – The Truth About Extensions
Although it is pretty much known everywhere that women use extensions to give their hair added length and volume in just a mere matter of minutes, it appears as though the woman in this image didn’t read the instructions that came with them. Simply attaching one wig to another is not the way to achieve the right look.

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