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Whistler Bike Park – Why is Whistler Bike Park such a big freaking deal?

Pots Why is Whistler Bike Park such a big freaking deal? on the topic of Whistler Bike Park You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s Luke Mitchell Official learn about Why is Whistler Bike Park such a big freaking deal? in today’s post!

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In a recent poll, it seems that 78% of you have never been to a lift access bike park like Whistler, which is actually pretty unsurprising. Some of these places are not easy to get to, and some of you aren’t even that interested in downhill. Nevertheless, “Whistler” pops up a lot in MTB news as well as YouTube, and most of this content presumes you have certain knowledge about the place.

Some of you may feel that you have “stupid” questions about it, but I feel that no such questions exist.

This video is meant to serve as an introduction to Whistler so that other videos are easier to understand. If this upload isn’t up to normal standards, it’s because I produced it on location.

Thanks to Mike, Jordan, and Alexander for helping me with clips!

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Whistler Bike Park - Why is Whistler Bike Park such a big freaking deal?

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  1. I was at Whistler for a week last December and all did the snow things. Never even heard about this. You'd think they'd promote this sport heavily off-season to keep you coming back all year long. A great place for everything outdoors whatever be your jam. Thanks for the showcase vid. Looks fun as hell.

  2. maybe i’m stupid, or just plain insane but i really wanna hop on a mountain bike with only the experience i know from skating and the such, and just send it on some of those jumps.

  3. LOOOVVVEEDDD this video, I didn't know about bike parks in general really. Would love a video on the specific ones throughout America. I'm introducing my thirteen year old to MTB and just bought him a bike.

  4. Having grown up in Canada and migrating to Australia, after a decade of not skiing I came back to It (as a lost passion). I was hooked again. After a few trips to japan I realised Whistler is 5x the size of the largest Japanese resort (Happo One). Now my favorite stomping ground is Spanky's Ladder and I doubt I'll ever stop skiing and exploring again

  5. used to stay in whistler for week long off and on periods when i was in competitive sports. was always staying in the athletes' village from fall through spring for a few years, but sadly i never had time for snowboarding, let alone biking in summer. maybe some day

  6. im embarrassed to say this.. im from ferndale, wa ( 15 mins from the blaine borderline ) and i fully thought whistler was in washington because of how often people go here hahaha

  7. I dont go mountain biking but I’ve been going to whistler since i was born, during the ski season. It’s one of the coolest places I’ve been to. It’s fairly close to where i live so the travel isnt too bad

  8. The local business community loves the influx of bike riders particularly the clinics and emergency room technicians who used to leave in April or May. They love the Amuricans who have big balls and bigger bank rolls.

  9. I laughed way too hard at the guy riding into that puddle. "What's the matter with you, why did you do that". Haha!! Funny.
    As a side note, I could walk some of these paths but never would I ever bike them. I would die multiple horrific deaths.
    How awesome are people who master this sport!

  10. Considering this…
    The place last year or before had a thousand or so life threatening accidents, I have to pay to go here when I could go elsewhere for free, and I wouldn't spend 5 to 8 thousand dollars on a DH bike just to beat the crap out of it and then have a 10 thousand dollar medical bill…

  11. Why is the concept of heaven such a big deal? Whistler is……….we’ll just fkn awesome. Does it have trail features no where else else does? No. But man there is just something special about that place. Almost spiritual. It is WHISTLER and if you like MTBing even a little bit, is somewhere you NEED to go more than once in your lifetime.

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