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Warren County Pva – The 10 WORST CITIES in KENTUCKY Explained

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Warren County Pva - The 10 WORST CITIES in KENTUCKY Explained

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  1. Hey Nick…In the future an up-dated version of this would be cool since there was a Hurricane and 1000-year flood things have changed….Thinking about moving here the eastern side is nice but after the flood?

  2. It’d be one thing if this was just a video stating facts, but when you’ve got a snarky stereotyping comment about southern people every other like it just makes you look like an attention seeking jackass

  3. Louisville is legit the best city to live in if you actually want to make money and have a career. Housing is affordable and there's plenty to do. Crime is in every big city. And I agree on the Eastern KY cities. It is beautiful but all the young people move away. No jobs, everyone is fat and ugly, and there's nothing to do but eat and watch tv.

  4. I grew up in Fleming county, downtown Flemingsburg was kinda run down, and still is… Not surprised it made the list… But there are, very nice people there tho, a few drug users, but not really too many, and most Fleming countians shun drug users. We're a very old school conservative county!!! I can say I'm glad to grow up in Fleming county Kentucky, I lived originally in a part of Fleming county called Ewing, and also lived in the very rural hills of Hillsboro, bordering Rowan county, it was my papaw's horse, and cattle farm, and there is alot of Amish there lol. Plus Fleming county high school, compared to our bordering neighbors, mason, and Rowan counties high schools, had mostly friendly, east going students, I had some friends from both Rowan and Mason, that were jealous of our school in Fleming, because they talked about how much more ghetto their schools were, than ours…

  5. Had a good laugh recently, while studying the battle of Perryville . Braxton Bragg came to Frankfort, to join the new Governor during his inauguration celebration. As all where giving speeches boasting of the glorious Confederacy, artillery rounds were heard. Bragg ordered the city burned and evacuated, before the eyes of the new Governor.
    What a bunch of dumbasses.

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