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Walmart Foley Al – Foley, Al. couple tazed at WalMart

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This is a downloaded version of an incident that occured at a local WalMart in Foley, Al. It was downloaded from the local news channel’s Facebook page, this user is not the videographer.

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Walmart Foley Al - Foley, Al. couple tazed at WalMart

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  1. These are foley cops I live here when they get some kind if rank they don't have to wear there regular uniform they are not security these people followed the cop in Walmart and started harassing him when the guy was getting tazed the woman took a swing at the officer that's when she got tackled bye the other officer

  2. Idiots are idiots despite the color. It just seems too many people think skin pigmentation has something to do with brain function. This has to do with their damaged ego/id. Shit, most people are mixed with different things anyway. Like it matter anyway. SIGH. Truth be told, people who are racist just have low self esteem and want to have power and control because they do not feel they have it in their disaffected lives. They feel race brings that to them. So pitiful.

  3. The officer was probably trying to avoid attacking the guy and holding him off as long as he could. Also, I'm pretty sure this ISN'T Wal-Mart security. I live here, and I've never seen Wal-Mart security at this store have weapons of any kind on their person.

  4. Sorkaras I am ex-army served honorably. I have a NY state security guard license and I didn't serve so I could come back here and have some two bit security guard with a Rambo complex violate my rights. Under no circumstance does a security guard have the right to touch me or assault me me. The police are not allowed to use force until resisted and then only enough to effect an arrest. But since 9/11 Americans have had their balls cut off and shoved down their throats by the government.

  5. It happened in Alabama, so I'm not surprised. The logical thing to do is to obey the officer and act civilized. It is their duty, and they have a right to defend themselves, even if it comes to pulling a tazer on on someone.

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