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The above video was made after countless attempts to get things resolved at 2 other help desks where other supervisors lied the same way, made us wait and then told us nothing can be done. It was getting late and we were getting tired of getting bounced from one help desk to the other. The staff was straight out cruel when it came to lying to everyone, they just wanted people off their backs so they tried sending everyone to the hotel desk which was closed.

This thug like behavior by turkish airlines was seen through out the airport, no matter if it was the hotel desk, ticket re-issue, transfer desk or any place else. I have seen better behavior from 2 star airlines in the past. Turkish airlines did not provide us with any accommodation or meal vouchers. The crew was surprisingly unhelpful and rude.

If they cancelled the flight they are supposed to provide compensation accommodation etc.

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Turkish Airline Customer Service - Turkish Airlines bad customer service - Thug supervisor

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  1. What a freaking As*hole Turk, customer service? they packed the airport with over 9000 passengers for 32 hours: Gave them 1 bottle of water, 2 sandwiches per customer, children, mothers and elderly people were in tears thrown on floors to have some sleep…while employees walked away as their shifts ended!


  2. turkish always give you a room; the problem is that this pax need a visa to get out of the airport..his passport will expire in a month an cannot get a visa…the airport inside the airport is also full….so is Turkish airlines responsible of all this? I think no

  3. I read the comments all blaming the guy who is screaming, firstly we don't know what happen for the 8 hours he has been waiting, he has a 2 months child with him which he mentioned and could be heard in the video, I would be pissed if I had a child with me. if an airline is delayed more then 3 hours they need to provide accommodation as well as food for the passengers regardless what class they are! This is a worldwide airline policy! Infact if the airline is part of EU you can claim compensation as well however this cannot be claimed as Turkish airline is not part of EU but if you taken worldwide holiday insurance you can claim compensation regardless if part of Europe or not nevertheless you are still entitled to the free accommodation and food! AND no the supervisor cannot sue him for recording as it is not against the law to record or take picture of any person unless you are filming of taking photos of someone changing clothes, in the toilet, nude, bathing etc! the supervisor should of politely asked him to calm down and request him to stop recording and give him the chance to help him! First rule of customer service! 1.listen, 2,calm the situation by sympathising. 3.show you're conserned and understand how they feel. 4 deal with the situation! And 5. don't make false statement/promise.Which this supervisor did not do!

  4. Ok first of the supervisor is right, you want to get the issue sorted so you have to cooperate, imagine having 2242342 angry customers like you that have the same issue, and if everyone screams how the hell do you want the issue to be sorted, people need to get a job as a customer service to really see how it is, so what if you are a customer ? Does that give you the right to be annoying to others when their job is to help you?, imagine being angry to your doctor who is trying to save your life, YOU WONT GET ANYWHERE

  5. Yes.. I had the same experience where the Turkish Airline manager said I DON'T CARE if you stuck in the airport even though the delay was made by Turkish Air. Forget no help or customer being provide, but they did not even bother to apologise for the delay or any inconvenienced caused to the passengers. This company and its staff are below par, rude and have a sense of pride and arrogance that shouldn't be waved upon their customers. If they cannot serve the service industry, then they shouldn't be in it. This was my first and last time I flew Turkish Airline and that horrid Ataturk airport.

  6. It's just a sad situation both ways. The transit passenger was visiting his own fatigue and stress on the customer service. The gentleman was okay to help but he did not like being recorded without permission. It was when he noticed that he was being recorded on video, was when he started to walk away. With an Economy flight, a passenger won't be entitled to free private rooms as the very angry man demanded. Unless he has the air miles to share lounges. Not just with Turkish Airlines but many other international airlines as well. One golden rule is to always make a new passport six months before it expires. That's the cut-off point for immigration in any country. Then there won't be limited options like now.

  7. Who would give you provide you with a service if you yell at a person who is not responsible the problem. Be more respectful and he will help. Also the staff is right, he is not paid for you to scream at him, you are a human, so is he. Be respectful dude!

  8. Airlines are not responsible for providing you accommodations when flights are cancelled due to bad weather. The bad weather is not the fault of the airline. Airline's fault = compensation. Not airlines fault = no compensation. Every airline in the world follows that policy. Why is it so hard for travellers to understand this?

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