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Total Wireless Com – 7 Things You Should Know about Total Wireless

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There are plenty of options when it comes to wireless service providers in the United States. Known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), many of these carriers offer excellent solutions and packages, often at a lower price point than the big players.

Here, Scott and Luke talk about one in particular, Total Wireless. For better or worse, these are seven things you should know about the provider.

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Total Wireless Com - 7 Things You Should Know about Total Wireless

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  1. Number 8, don't buy a phone from Total wireless, they make it extremely difficult to return it, the phone I bought was mislabeled in the description, and they could not care less.

  2. I'm planning on switching my family from straight talk and total wireless to T-Mobile I already have one phone unlocked it's the only one on total wireless they let you unlock after 60 days straight talk requires 12 months so I would recommend them over any of the other TracFone ones unless your buying a cheapo phones you don't care about throwing away

  3. very cheaply ran website.Never works right,and the rewards program a joke,just because you earn the points dont mean you recieve until " they " want you to.They will sit as pending until " you " spend money,then points go on your total.Next phone service be different,and better.My advice….shop around before join total wireless,website offer several things that not even exist.

  4. By the way, if you are thinking of switching to Total Wireless, you can sign up for Total Wireless rewards and enter the referral code ordy-50e4 to get 5,000 points (worth $50 of service)!

  5. Total worthless, i mean wireless is a nightmare when you need to change providers, if you don't care about keeping your number then it is a good service, but if you want to change providers, don't expect any help from them, in fact they lock your iphone to their network and won't release it!!, They say, it will take up to 48 hours to be unblock, but it is not true, and when you initiate your number to be ported they disconnect you, in order for them to "help"you porting your number you have to activate the line again!!, Even if you still had days before your service run out. Their call center is horrible!!.

  6. We have had Total for a couple of years. The first problem we had was after making sure we could bring our own phones by using their website to check the IMED number we were assured they would work. After we got the cards and changed the service our sons phone would not connect. After many calls to Total and trouble shooting they could never solve the issue. We just bought a new phone from them basically because we had no choice. We traveled to Europe in April so I wanted to get a Europe SIM card. Thank goodness I Checked to make sure my husband and my phones were unlocked. We brought our own phones to Total and the were not locked!!!! But when I called I was told they were locked because we bought the phones from them!! Not true. The only phone we bought was our sons. Thank goodness we had been with them over 12 months so they unlocked them. It is also a pain in the a… when trying to get any help as you have to call a number to a call center or chat online. The call center had wrong information for us and were of NO help expect to unlock our phones which should never have been locked. Cheap yes but not worth it. I am looking for a different carrier.

  7. I have straight talk and got my sons $40 phones with total and pay $70 for for 2 lines. I would switch my line to total but I don't want to share Data with 2 pre teens. And if my sons get out of line, I can just not pay they're bill.

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