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Welcome to The Good Dish, the new go-to for how-to. We will show you how to elevate everyday foods, give you the twist on what you crave most and share the tricks to give you more “me-time.” Today, we answer the most important question on our bacon show, “What is for dinner?” How about bacon in every bit BLT? For more delicious content just like this, click the link below

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  1. Question, had this show not been so rushed, as a result of Dr. Oz running for senate in PA, would this show still have flopped, the same way Camouflage did in 1980, after the Three’s a Crowd debacle?

  2. Why would Sony give the most annoying personality who knows nothing about cooking her own cooking show? The Oz brand is dead; please don't revive this family full of frauds on television.

  3. I'll wash your show every single day my name is Camille Pancham always following y'all on YouTube and everything so my name is coming up on Scott God bless you and child of God and that two two grandkids too beautiful grandkids my granddaughter's age should a cheerleader my little grandson he play football got two grown kids they grown and out of my house

  4. I've watched every cooking show and have several I watch regularly. This one is wack. Is this show meant to be a parody of a cooking show? The other comments have to be fake accounts.

  5. How do I get the recipes for today the pastas cheese sausage. And you bake the pastas in the over with the tomatoes sauce AND you added some cheese and pour more pasta and more cheese more tomatoes sauce and top it off with the rest of the cheese give me that recipe please or. Yall know what I already have the recipes. Yall made this. Dish on Monday June 2 7 /22. If I am missing anything please just send me the recipes please

  6. Love this show. Please don't cancel it. It's so nice see a cooking show where we can make something that we enjoy eating and not all that low fat,diet stuff. Good to see these lovely ladies eating it also.

  7. i dont get this show. what happened to the dr. oz show? dr. oz always was bringing healthy recipes ideas and foods to eat. his focus was on getting healthy. this show is all about over indulgence. the worst foods to eat health wise. not one thing i would make or that i would say people need in their diets these days. its awful. not a good example for people. but those show hosts cant wait to over inflate and push their god awful foods on people. they dont get it it seems. the whole show is downhill from the dr oz show. its empty headed and nobody learns anything god here. get oz. back.

  8. I was bored and accidentally landed to this channel, and I was just watching it today and the 3 ladies seem has issues. The way they look at the TV screens seemed annoyed and bored to the other lady describing how to cleaned the shrimps, Gee, it’s like a toxic place to work. Will not be watching this show again.

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