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I had an unique experience with a local staffing agency. Let’s say the name of the agency was Laurel and Hardy Staffing…why because if the name fits… The people completely lied to me about the position just to get a warm body at a desk inside the company they were representing to meet their sales goals.

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Terra Staffing Group - What It's Like Working For A Staffing Agency

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  1. On another temp agency review video I was telling my story how i was hired by an owner of a warehouse and saw all the crap the temp workers get and how their own agency lied to them about work and pay. In the end we contacted the labor board and got the company shut down and the temp agency shut down.

    The owner to this day is still mad at me but i could care less. He got what was coming for him to treating me and temp workers bad. Plus that agency had what's coming to them too.

  2. I did my hours I signed in and out Mon to Thursday I was fired December 2 2021 . I need my money today but now I got to wait til she calls she didn't call today and when I texted her she calls me when I'm leaving the job agency the guy was not their so I can get the check. She yelled at me I don't like nobody yelling

  3. I never got my check today my manager said she forgot to do my hours because she doesn't know I clock in and out that's a lie. I signed in and out you supposed to know that the manager at the job supposed to report it to you or supervisor but she said it's her fault she didn't do my hours she had no hours for me.

  4. Staffing agencies are a scam. They don't tell you the full job detail. They tried to screw me out of money from my experience. They steal hours from your paycheck. No job security. They never answer your calls. I worked with a staffing agency for 2 months with perfect attendance. Then I got sick with COVID-19. I called out sick but, they never answered any of my calls. I called them 4 times, left them messages but, no response. The very next day, I got a text message that I got terminated from my position. I don't recommend staffing agencies to anybody. Try to get a job directly through the employer.

  5. I worked for a temp agency and just recently got “released” from my assignment. I was working for 3 months doing 2 or 3 positions at once in a factory line and doing 158% production numbers. I was let go over night, while still struggling with just trying to live the normal life of paying bills.

  6. We were told that we'd have 4 weeks of training before hitting the call center floor. ONE week later…..im in my own cubicle, wearing a head set……..wondering what the hell happened.

  7. Nothing wrong with preaching and qoating the Bible. People thump every depravity under the sun and chance after every entertainment but then attack the Bible cause they hate God.

  8. We need to get everyone together to go against these staffing /temp agencies. I’m serious. If anyone else thinks this is a good idea I’ll. Start a facebook page to get everyone together

  9. I don't think your experience was that unique. This is a global phenomenon now. Back in the early 2000s, you could still get a job by handing in your resume to a company directly, attending an interview with the manager you'd be working under, and the job in question was a permanent role. Fat chance of that happening these days. If your skillset is primarily call centres, warehousing or logistics, you are doomed to be continuously harassed by predatory staffing agencies.
    They don't care about you as a human being. You are a disposable and replaceable labour unit. It's all about bums on seats. So brace yourself to be lied to, patronised, abused and treated like pond scum. You will earn a pittance. Your so-called "temp to perm" position will never evolve beyond filling a void for a week, after which the cycle of horseshit repeats itself. (Or worse, you'll be permanently temporary, working for the same company for years without ever being rewarded with a full-time position.) You will live on pop-tarts and oatmeal because it's all you can afford if you want to pay the rent. If you complain you will suddenly find yourself reassigned because "you're not the right fit", and there's always another eager sap willing to take your place. This isn't a job, it's fucking purgatory.
    I was a temp for just over a year and I barely escaped with my sanity intact. I don't wish this wretched existence on anyone, and I'm always nice to the temps I'm required to work with because that could just as easily still be me. These agencies are exploitative scum and the companies employing their dubious services are just as bad if not worse.

  10. these paces are rediculious i went tomanpower for a job andi wassorting recycling and for some reason they got rid of me didnt last long i was like geezs give me a chance i rhrew my hard hat down and walked out then they said i had to infrm them before leaving i said the guy would not give me a chance therefor how could u tell you ewwhile i was working absolute joke

  11. This is the worst thing for the economy. Hire a guy who will get paid less because there’s a needless middleman, give him/her the minimally required benefits (or none in some cases), and then that worker doesn’t get paid vacation, but has to work harder to compensate for the full-time employees that are on paid vacation. The reason corporations are using staffing agencies is so when the recession hits, they fire all of these workers who technically work for a staffing agency. So on the books it looks like they haven’t lost an employee when the recession is in place, but in reality, they just fired about 20% of the workforce. How is that good for the economy?

  12. Did you know that everything you experienced has do with tglhe company not the fact that mostly women worked their. The men above them didnt train them or get on them so. Sex / gender identity isnr relevant. I had to say that and now im gonna go back and focus on the main point of the story.

  13. I never realized that. That’s like here in Utah. Go to the “Salt lake city jobs” on fb and I noticed that the recruiters are younger women. That’s how they get you…crazy!

  14. Be careful when applying for positions online. Sneaky temp agencies post jobs online under fake company names to gather resumes. If they contact you (that's a big if) it'll be for a warehouse job or somebody looking to solicit donations. I read posts from temp agency employees where they admit they discriminate based on appearance, gender, and so forth. The client dictates what they prefer.

  15. My job experience is call center work and I asked what the hold up was and they said i wasn't qualified for 7 of the call center jobs because I wasn't bilingual. Bilingual people took over call center jobs in southern California. Now what???

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