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Silver Sea Cruises – Silversea Silver Moon Review – Is there a more luxurious cruise ship on the planet?

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Explore the beautiful Silver Moon with us. Silversea Cruises’ newest ship is their greatest and most stunning yet. Come and see!

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Silver Sea Cruises - Silversea Silver Moon Review - Is there a more luxurious cruise ship on the planet?

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  1. Always been a solo traveler, but as I get older I’m looking a cruises in a different light. These videos are great, but I honestly don’t know what the sandal person you mentioned does? Do you leave your sandals there? Get new ones? Never seen that, very cool

  2. Class A presentation, very thorough but never boring, visuals for everything. That smoking area is a seller to me, very nice indeed, an issue that is important to me. Great video, thanks!

  3. Beautiful video of a gorgeous ship. My question is, on an uber luxury cruise ship, do the popular venues like the Salt Bar get taken over by the same bar huggers every day so that it's difficult for other passengers to elbow in, like on the bigger, not quite so luxe ships?

  4. Hi Rich and Helen. Love your videos. My only comment is that all ships, all cruise lines are shown more like advertisements, they seem perfect in every way. I started following you from watching your video on Cunard’s queens grill. It was highlighting the good , bad and disappointing and I felt your views matched mine. Now it’s hard to distinguish as your videos are mainly positive. I will keep watching but would love to take advantage of all ships you see to learn from you as I can only go on a cruise every year or two. Thanks!!

  5. My wife and I have done 16 cruises so far, on different companies and ships of very different sizes. We've often considered Silversea, but this video hasn't really helped. The ship looks lifeless, empty … or was it while everyone was out on excursion, because it felt as if I was looking at one of their brochures. Reminded me of when I saw two Silversea ships in cold flow in Marseille this june – there wasn't any life on them either at that time. I wonder if the company made a mistake by going into the RCL holding – as the videos about their ships from before had a completely different feel and vibe.

  6. Hi Rich & Helen! I've seen on some other reviews that the ship would be otherwise "perfect", were it not for the excessive smoking on almost every deck. Was this a problem you experienced while on board?

  7. Hello Rich and Helen. Well that was, the most classy ship tour video you've produced. Worthy of being a Particular Silver Sea Presentation themselves !! The ship is beautiful. Well done !!

  8. A very tasteful tour of a very tasteful ship, thank you Richard, Helen. Is it compulsory to take a packet of 10 “woodbine tips” into the smoking room to really enjoy the ambience? Our “sweet spot” is Azamara or Oceania but with a milestone birthday next year, looking to try a new experience with Silversea or Regent under consideration. OTBC!

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