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Purveyors of mind-bending melodies, Pink Floyd embodies the outer limits of thought, sound, and time. Their imagery captures much of the surreal elements of their music and can flow like a river across the skin.

Confused connections are common, and offbeat, ocular unusualities abound in album covers and associated art from this seminal, difficult-to-label band.

A handshake with a burning man and muttering, metallic, monolithic heads are examples of the unusual relationships common in Floydian visual symbolism.

Along with those who are simply fans of the band, Pink Floyd tattoos appeal to the eclectic, the atypical, or even those with a solecistic attitude. Decidedly unique and phantasmagoric, a Floyd-inspired tattoo lets the bearer show that he does not perceive relationships as simple or straightforward.

Instead, these images portray a Daliesque disconnect that speaks to an appreciation of the beautifully bizarre, the Kafkaesque conundrum, and the Sisyphean psychology characteristic of the relationship between man and man, man and society, and man and government.

Placed on the arm, a Floydian tattoo design can symbolize altered strength or the power of the unusual. Locating one on the neck will speak to the inherent disconnect and confusion of communication.

Experimentation on the skin, much like Pink Floyd experimented with music, can lead to career-themed connections. Construction workers might want The Wall. Opticians might see their way into getting the mounted eyeballs of the P-U-L-S-E album cover.

Regardless of the motivation, a Pink Floyd tattoo represents high art that will stand out as unique and exquisite for a lifetime.

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Pink Floyd Tattoo - 80 Pink Floyd Tattoos For Men

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