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Otto Auto Insurance – Otto Insurance review – is it legit company or a scam? Here's why you shouldn't use OttoInsurance!

Pots Otto Insurance review – is it legit company or a scam? Here's why you shouldn't use OttoInsurance! on the topic of Otto Auto Insurance You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s Luke Mitchell Official learn about Otto Insurance review – is it legit company or a scam? Here's why you shouldn't use OttoInsurance! in today’s post!

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Introduce about Otto Insurance review – is it legit company or a scam? Here's why you shouldn't use OttoInsurance!

Otto Insurance review will help you understand whether is legit car insurance company or not! Also I’ll tell you why it is bad idea to apply for auto insurance with Otto Insurance!
This video is going to help those people who consider Otto Insurance company to get insurance!
I know that many of you probably saw Otto Insurance ads on Youtube and different websites, but I want you to tell what those ads won’t tell you – the bitter truth about this company!
And the truth is that Otto Insurance is not an insurance agent. Just read “Terms of Service” on their website in case you don’t believe me.
So basically when you give your information to this company, you won’t get any insurance contact, but what you definitely will get is tons of calls, emails and messages from various insurance agents!
It means that Otto Insurance is just selling customer’s information.
Luckily, if you made a mistake and you want to delete yourself from the base of customers, you have a right to do so by requesting a delete on
So Otto Insurance is a legit company, but it’s not an insurance agent, but only something like a middleman.
I hope that this information helps you in some way! If you have any questions, then you’re welcome to the comments section of this video!
Thanks a lot for your attention, for smashing a like button and goodbye to you all!

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Otto Auto Insurance - Otto Insurance review - is it legit company or a scam? Here's why you shouldn't use OttoInsurance!

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  1. "Otto Insurance" is not an insurance company. They are a marketing agency that gives your private cell number to a dozen companies like Allstate, AAA, State Farm….etc. Then you get massive spam calls for months, 8 and 10 calls a day. When you finally waste time getting a quote, the quote is generally not a value or even higher. I'm paying $110 a month. State Farm quoted me $195 and Allstate quoted me $148. What a joke. This marketing scheme is a lie. There is no $39 a month for equal coverage. Maybe for liability only for a 20 year old junk car. This is a scam and you will regret it. Shop around yourself and don't give you private number online.

  2. EVERYTHING in this world is a scam. Get used to it. I am 66 yrs old, and wait til your parents die. The funeral/burial scammers were able to get DOUBLE payment from my mothers burial… and TRIED TO GET A 3rd payment too! (It happens when their estate is in the hands of the nursing home…. then the lawyers… and then finally in their childrens hands). Each time it changes hands…. the funeral scammers REQUEST a payment for the burial. Everyone just pays it, without looking to see if it was paid previously. I could tell you about how CAR DEALERS, DOCTORS and DENTISTS run their scams too…. and don't forget the politicians! Oh Lord… the politicians! Youngsters… you are warned.

  3. So why does Youtube allow them to advertise like crazy?! …Is Youtube getting kickbacks??? …I'm so tired of seeing their "too good to be true" scam, I hope people start a class action lawsuit and shut that crap down…

  4. This is a scam. Otto isn't an insurance company they collect and sell your personal information.
    To quickly explain to anyone who doesn't understand, "full coverage" for $19 a month is impossible. I teach insurance. The insurance company can only pay out what they take in.
    It's simple math, the state will NOT APPROVE rates that are not high enough cover expected claims. No company can charge $20 for $500+ of coverage, the state insurance department would deny their rates because the company would not be bringing in enough money to pay their claims.
    I don't know this company's gimmick, but I know there is no $500+ coverage for $20. It legally cannot exist. This is a scam.

    Check with your state Insurance Department about Otto, they are not even an insurance company. They collect and sell information.

  5. easy way for a company to make money, evertime they send you somewhere they make money, they give the actor a 29.00 policy so they can say "look what i got"…….wake up people

  6. They sell your info to other companies and scammers. Right after I requested info on the rates I started receiving calls and still receive calls every day. I'm not exaggerating. Every. Day.

  7. Here is how it works. You THINK you simply fill out the form, and you
    get rates from various companies. NOPE. You fill out the form. They
    (Otto) then sends your info to about 40 + individual insurance
    companies, AS WELL as to other "name resellers" just like OTTO, who in
    turn ALSO send your phone number and email to 40 or so insurance
    companies. Within 5 minutes of hitting "submit" on the form, my phone
    started ringing off the hook as well as my email. Its continued now for
    almost a week. I block them when I can, but more and more companies
    keep calling. OTTO isn't insurance. OTTO is a name/list generator.
    Stay the hell away.

  8. They sent me to Allstate…my current insurer is Esurance. Same Company. So they tattled on me. I think this is going to cost me because the Allstate guy wouldn't insure a vehicle they are already insuring. $OBs !!!

  9. It is essentially a Google for insurance. It’s just a way to compare them. There’s nothing special about them at all, it’s just another means by which they make money before getting customers. You’re still dealing with the big companies and you’re still dealing with their rates.

  10. So i just used it. It matched with with an insurance provider who gave me the same price as gieco with much less coverage.

    So my guess is these people paying $30/mo just have state minimum coverage on their $100k bmw, lol.

  11. It's a scam. I requested a quote and instead my information was sold to multiple Auto insurance companies and now I'm getting emails and calls from everyone that sells insurance.

  12. In New jersey, if you pay less than $120 a month for car insurance, be very careful. You are receiving almost no coverage whatsoever from that policy. Thank you for the information.

  13. I keep seeing this on YouTube and I've clicked on it and it's not even taking you to a website it's it literally a plethora of other insurance and none of them are sponsored by the ad

  14. I called OTTO ins , what a damn scam they are , I have a clean driving record, I got quoted for a 2019 Hyundai Sonata SE, 500$ deductible for a price at 136$ a month , I mine as well stay with 21st century for 115$ for 500$ deductible. Go figure, Land of the SCAM home of the Invasion for more scamdemics ..

  15. I thought "OTTO" sounded fishy. Big Thx!!!
    Although, to be fair, I was just looking, I'm quite happy with with my current company, State Farm.
    We had a big storm and my van needed $7k of body work. S.F.? Boom! Done.
    And, no. My rates did NOT go up.
    You don't save any money getting cheap insurance.
    Ps I don't work for, or get any money from State Farm. Just a happy customer.

  16. There will eventually come a day when known lying, scamming companies are no longer allowed to advertise on YouTube. On the other hand, if you're foolish enough to fall for advertising on social media, you probably aren't worth sticking up for. I mean… we just don't need you. It's not fair for those with at least 7 brain cells to have to carry the burden of others' hopeless stupidity.

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