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Oaks Mall Hours – The Oaks Mall (Gainesville, FL), Dead Malls & A Brief History of Mall Walking

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Why is mall walking a thing?

Well, the history of mall walking is a little fuzzy; it’s not like there was anyone on the scene to take notes the first time a senior citizen started walking malls in their New Balances. In this video I talk through what we DO know about mall walking, as well as why it’s so popular.

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In addition to talking about mall walking hours, we take a stroll through The Oaks Mall in Gainesville, Florida. This is a spot that’s close to my heart, for reasons I go into in the video, and it’s fascinating to see it almost totally abandoned prior to the mall’s official opening.

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Oaks Mall Hours - The Oaks Mall (Gainesville, FL), Dead Malls & A Brief History of Mall Walking

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  1. People-watch the whole video and listen before you comment. He never said it was dead. He said it’s changed and not as fully occupied. He shot this video when they open the main mall doors and before the stores were opened. He discusses in detail about mall-walkers who walk the mall before the actual opened for business.

  2. Can't lie, complete facts on how dead this mall is, lol!! But hilarious when I wear my GA Bulldogs jerseys on game weekends here and enjoy all the death stairs from the very very few patrons here, Go Dawgs!!!

  3. The first Dillards store that I been in is at this mall. My grandma lives in Florida not far from Gainesville. Me and her came to this mall and went into Dillard's. Seeing this video is the first time I've seen the Gainesville mall since the day I went with my grandma. It will be a shame for it to go. At least for now it's still hanging in there.

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  5. I grew up here and I still see the stores as they used to be in my mind. You were walking toward JCPenney and in my mind to the right was an arcade – not the good one, mind you, but the cheaper one that my family preferred, named Tilt. On the left was a game store that I just can't remember off hand its name. Walking toward Belk [Lindsey] I saw Chick-fil-A on the far right corner. The food court wasn't what it looks like now, and Taco Bell was on the right hand side, across from the CFA. The movie theater was next to Taco Bell – a spot where I watched the 1989 release of Batman. Aladdin's Castle (the up-scale arcade) was somewhere around here, but my memory is fuzzy there. Thanks for the memories!

  6. I was born and raised in Gainesville. The last time I was in The Oaks Mall I was racially profiled and followed all around the mall. This mall has a bunch of nothing in it. I won't ever go back. If it goes the way of the dinosaurs I wouldn't shed a tear. Just a bunch of pointless stuff the the media has convinced people that they need.

  7. gainesville native. Haven't been to Oaks in over a decade. I mainly stay on the east side. here just listening while I restring my guitar. I only got 2 strings in before the video was over but hey.. Great listen.

  8. Holy crap, haven't seen a forum with so many locals speaking about the Oaks. I loved the place as a kid, and it blew my mind when we'd finally gotten a Toys R Us in the plaza next door. I remember the red cobblestone flooring and fountains, as well as the little audience alcove where they'd hold events. Truly miss the character it had, then, before it got all polished and overly lit.

  9. Having lived in Gainesville my whole life pretty much this place is definitely dying. As kid a I used to love going to Aladdin’s castle playing arcade games , eating at Taco Bell. Also going to the movie theater they had. The 90s/early 00s were a different time

  10. Malls r the best. In much younger days , great place for a walk. Festival decorations holiday, cool music piled,played everywhere , sometimes live bands,not all the same Christmas music ; even in the parking lots. ♡♡♡♡ one of the 5 places I could be found…. oh the mall. Now I reside 2 or 3 bus transfers, almost 2hours ride. Bummer. Plus exercise is a great safe place….the mall

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