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Today we stay in the family owned and operated Norma Dan! Come along!

First floor rooms, wide hallways elevators.


PO Box 1391
Gatlinburg Tennessee 37738


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Norma Dan Motel - NORMA DAN MOTEL Pigeon Forge Tennessee

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  1. Lots of History with that motel! Norma & Dan Conner (19) were married when they moved here, 1948, from NC, with Dan's parents, to farm this land his dad/grand dad owned. They had used it as a resting spot for his cattle after driving the cattle OVER the mountains from Smokemnt NC, to bring to market every year. Can you imagine, wow, amazes me! They built/ran a Gulf gas station before a small motel (that grew) and they owned that whole end of town, 100+ acres, selling some when the road, 441 was taken over by the state and worth something. Dan died a two-ish years ago @ 92, he lived in the house next door between them and Cracker Barrel. He was even the first City Manager of PF, Conner Heights Road, light #10 is named after them, plus a few more streets. He saw the whole tourist history in his lifetime! anyway, this is the story I know, it could be slightly different, his daughter is still involved, I believe. It was a different world (no so long ago) when families ran the accommodations here, very few still do.

  2. Have stayed at Norma Dann twice and enjoyed it. Our favorites are maples motor inn and mountain breeze. Both local family owned. Very reasonable. We pretty much only use our motel to sleep and shower and store our stuff in so as loans as it’s clean we are easy to please.

  3. you have no idea how helpful these reviews are to people who only visit the area every so often. SM Family is giving such great options to choose from and this one is a big help. Letting people know this is more of vacationing hotel vs business hotel with issues with the internet is extremely helpful. Great, thorough review as always family!

  4. Looks like a lovely hotel,and it must be nice to get such high praise from y'all. Loved the pools and hot tubs. Looks like everyone hadca great time! We agree its hard to beat the Riverside…enjoyed your review and wish we could of ran into y'all on our recent visit!

  5. In 1993 we stayed there for the first time. Us and another couple traveling together were attending a marriage retreat with several more couples from our church. The 4 of us got to our reservations first and the place was AWFUL. We soon learned it was peak fall weekend. There were no vacancies in Gatlinburg. We drove into PF and went from place to place looking for rooms. We arrived at the Norma Dan just as their last reservation checked in. The clerk said they always held back 2 rooms in case of a mixup. One room in the newer area and one in the older. We will forever be grateful for them.

  6. I am going to tell my age here but I have been staying with them for 43 years at least 6 times per year. My grandparents stayed with them way longer and were very good friends with the original owners Mr. Dan and his wife Ms. Norma who were both amazing people who use to live in the little house next door. Their daughter is the operator now and is doing just as good a job as her mom and dad. As a matter of fact the breakfast area is the lobby of the old motel. So glad yall enjoyed your stay and promoted such a wonderful family run business in a town full of chain hotels.

  7. Great review. We e. Stayed there twice. I think it was $76 a night at the time. I thought the same about the hallway. It is a bit dated but clean. I didn't try the indoor po. Great to know since I can rarely get into the indoor pools because they are too cold. The owner passed away a few months ago but his family carries on the tradition.

  8. Look its a grt place stayed thre for alot of rod runs its real reasable on price awsome review again ur my number 1 vlogers in pigeon forge I like seeing some one from ky living thre dream out in such a wonderful place

  9. Hi. I was pleasantly surprised, it looked very nice(except of course the hall carpeting) One of the things i miss doing is being able to swim or enjoy a hot tub. The indoor looked small, although the hot tub looked a decent size. The outdoor pool looked great. Also a plus, a short walk to Krispy Kreme 😀

  10. Looks like a great place for families looking for an affordable option. It is great that a bargain still exists. Thanks for sharing and hope there are more Myrtle Beach vlogs coming.

  11. When I was up in March I asked about his place to Joshie. He said he knows he Owner & they are good people. Great place to stay & reasonable. So glad yall did a review on this place! How much was the room for the night? $119? Thanks again!

  12. Great video! We're always looking for new places to stay. You should try Cherokee Lodge sometime. It's one of my favorite places to stay when I'm visiting Pigeon Forge. Great job guys!

  13. Thanks so much for the review!! We have always stayed there for at least 30 yrs. Staff is very nice and treat u like family. Mr Dan and wife Norma started that yrs ago. Both have passed and daughter Danette run the place and family works there. All 3rd floor no smoking and they have remodeled it. I like it and appreciate ur vlog of it. Good price for it then. Thanks guys!

  14. Eric and Brittany my family stayed there several years ago it's a beautiful place but their breakfast options could have better than just cereal and muffins in my opinion thanks for sharing this review on Norma Dan Motel

  15. I’m liking the new schedule or content it’s great. It really makes time better for us when we watch you guys post. I had brain surgery in May and complications 3 weeks after surgery. I’ve gotten use to certain YouTubers that I’ve Beene arching for a while now. It’s been rough, but you guys have really made us smile and showed us nice spots.

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