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Naval Base Kitsap serves as the host command for the Navy’s fleet throughout the Pacific Northwest, providing exceptional installation services, programs, and facilities to meet the needs of its hosted war-fighting commands, tenant activities, and personnel – all of whom deserve the best there is to offer. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ian Kinkead)

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Naval Base Kitsap - Naval Base Kitsap Overview

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  3. 1978 was first trip to Bremerton. MarDet, USS Coral Sea for a year dry dock. Then back in 1986 with the Marine Barracks, Bangor which was responsible for the det at PSNS also. Great tours of duty.

  4. Yeah they maintain at minimum wage they hire for minimum wage you can get pay raises a nickel here and nickel there but it is minimum wage certain age you could have 30 years as a certified Marine welder you're still only going to be hired on at minimum wage you could already have previous in PS Ms Puget sound enable shipyard Bremerton experience you're still going to be hired on at starting late

  5. Never mind that the civilian dive teams around the Puget sound have repetitively Pole battery packs from the navel ships where the Navy just dumps their dead batteries overboard into close Waters and we extract polluted lead acid batteries out of the water continuously for years

  6. It is also the biggest nuclear target on the west coast and will be turned into radioactive cratered out dust looking like the surface of the moon. At least the inhabitants of this area will not suffer a lingering death .

  7. Good old Puget Sound Naval Yards I went here when I went to my sister in laws wedding in 15. This is an amazing place when I came here they had the Anchorage and the San Antonio in port and behind them was the the Chester Nimitz undergoing an overhaul. Kitty Hawk, Independence, Ranger, and Constellation called Bremerton home that was before the NAVY sent them to the scrapper. Bremerton has several subs most dock on the other side of the peninsula at the Bangor Sub Base. Some ships come to Bremerton to die because when a ship is retired it goes in the ghost fleet at Bremerton. Some ships when they end up here the NAVY has has to to them out immediately new CEPA regulations prohibit ships built before the Nimitz Class from docking here because they are contaminated with marine growth and lead paint and contain asbestos. This is part of the reason they had to scrap the carriers but they have several landing ships here they will be the next to go once Bremerton has serviced them.

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  9. Went to Bremerton Shipyard in 1984 and 1985 while stationed on USS Cape Cod AD 43. Worked on USS Long Beach CGN 9 in 1984 and USS Sphinx in 1985. Saw USS Ranger CV 61 pull in for overhaul. Toured USS Missouri BB 63 while she was a museum.

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