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Lowes Burlington Iowa – LOWES NEW Inventory for FALL!! August 2022

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Fall has arrived at my Lowes in Massachusetts gardening zone 6b. There are new perrenials in stock! The Fall Planted Bulbs have begun arriving! Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus, Alliums, and Iris! Fall Decor, Mums, and Coneflowers! Grass seed is being stocked for Fall lawn reseeding, overseeding, or just patching some areas that need work. I also found a price comparison on some Montauk Daisies, and some Purple Fountain Grass that I recently purchased at BJ’s Wholesale. Lowes also stocks some beautiful, and affordable statuary! Concrete birdbaths, and decorative urns and planters. Hope you enjoyed this visit to Lowes. They are also restocking on Live Fencing, or Screening tree’s such as Arborvitae that are perfect to plant in Fall once the weather cools off. Let me know if you’ve purchased any of these items from Lowes, and if your store has begin stocking for Fall. Comment below! Thanks for watching – Steph
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Please keep in mind that inventory at the Home Depot and LOWES garden centers will vary by region/location, and garden zone.

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Lowes Burlington Iowa - LOWES NEW Inventory for FALL!! August 2022

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  1. I enjoy your videos but I would like to make one suggestion. Pls don’t only focus on cost and lowes. I feel pretty certain you have other garden centers and local retailers that aren’t big box? We need to support them too or we will have no variety at all! Thank u for considering

  2. I just retired and started gardening. I learned the expensive way that there's a difference between annual and perennials and different zones. Now I have perennials that I think won't survive in zone 5 and I don't have room for them in my home

  3. One thing you should mention is that the colors on the kale and cabbage will intensify as the weather cools. The color you see right now, is not how it'll appear in a few weeks.

  4. These prices kill me lol. At my local nursery they sell all 4 inch annuals for $2.50 and perennials and shrubs $6.95-9.95. I pay $9.95 for my proven winners limelights. Thank you for these fun videos I appreciate you showing us the prices. Sometimes you just have to have a plant even if it’s priced high.

  5. Enjoy those alliums… but I give you fair warning, they need lots of sun to hold their heads up. And, give them more space rather than the recommended, as they will eventually spread, and they look better with more space in between.

  6. Steph, I feel like a few weeks ago you mentioned a specific soil you regularly purchase from Lowe’s…one of your subscribers commented that she uses it too…do you recall the name of it?

  7. The home decor items(pumpkins, truck, scarecrow) are unbelievably overpriced. It’s all cheap junk made in China that they bought for $2. Mind blowing. Please stop showing us garbage that will end up in the landfill in2 years. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for taking us along on your visit to Lowes and picking up the bulbs that you will be planting. I love those Allium because they look like sparklers that you use during the fireworks. They will look so cute. I planted the Allium bulbs and I got those sparkler type ones that were white to light purple they were gorgeous. Enjoy your garden and have a wonderful evening.

  9. That was a great video! Loved the sedums i have a lot of them planted in my landscapes the alliums and irises were very pretty so that means i will have to get some of those!

  10. Your Lowe’s is well stocked. I was in my Lowe’s today, and they have restocked their plants; but your store has lots more variety of plants. The concrete garden art is well stocked at your Lowe’s. The buyers for different regions select different items. I talked to the buyer today. She was very nice, but not very imaginative. There are tons and tons of ordinary things like regular petunias, a lot of which wind up on the clearance carts or just die. I saw a number of things I wish the Lowe’s in my area carried. Sigh.

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