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Lookout Mountain Golf Club - Lookout Mountain Golf Course - Round with Subscribers

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  1. I know this sounds very weird and will be for a lot of golfers but I intend to drop my shots per round and my handicap by not going for the GIR. I usually play 96 to 100. So to ease the pressure I will for instance on a par 4 only put the ball on the green on my 3rd shot. Ease the pressure a bit. Play smarter not harder. Also bu doing good practice routines to create comfortable club shots.

  2. Just catching up on your vids. I've played lookout dozens of times and I'm 100% sure the marshall you ran into is the same one who flamed my foursome for not teeing off on that short #9 before the green was even clear. Ridiculous. Glad to see you made it out to AZ though!

  3. If my private club adds marshals, I'm quitting. That's why I went away from public golf.

    What really infuriates me is on city courses where they have been told they can't speed up groups for fear of lawsuits yet the city doesn't just then eliminate the position so you have a bunch of random retirees getting free rounds and minimum wage for the sole purpose of riding around the course to "be seen" nevermind that they like to stop right in my miss zone when I'm on the tee box and ignore me trying to wave them out of the way only to then have to duck for cover because of course I hit it right at them.

    Just get the carts with the pace of play tracker and don't give tee times to repeat offenders.

  4. I'm telling you, it's the Snowbirds. I really wish they wouldn't come here. The stupid course rangers, or "marshals" as you called them, are just retired busy-bodies who haven't succumbed yet. They're an actual PITA. If you can hack it, come here in May (and the summer) and you don't have to deal with Snowbirds OR Marshals…. or $300 rounds

  5. I´ve studied the previous seasons statistics and found out that the easiest way to "save shots" is around the green. so 4 hours around the practice green per week will be my way to consistently shot below 80.

  6. I don’t think this video does justice just how hard hole 7 is, and how steep that slope up to the green is haha. Glad you boys enjoyed the round at Lookout Mountain- wish I could have joined!

  7. I plan to lower my Handicap this year by doing the following:
    1. Going to get fit for a new set of single length clubs; a graphite set of clubs more appropriate for my swing speed.
    2. Changing my gear set up.
    ( Removing the 60 degree duff machine and putting a chipper in the bag.) Driver, 4 wood are a must.
    3. 3x a week…exercise. I have also begun to see a chiropractor and a physiotherapist to help me rehabilitate after 2 years of working at home a sitting on my butt.( I had some stiffness and lost a lot of mobility.)
    4. I will take lessons from a pga professional and I will practice the short game on an executive course near my home. I want to lessen my mistakes from 125 in. (These duffs are killing my scores)

  8. After watching Not a Scratch Golfer (NASG) and then coming back to Sidekick Golf, I realized that the whole time you were playing in Asia, you were playing mostly with Pro players. Watching NASG, Adam is pretty good for an amateur. But here, expectations are a lot higher.

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