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Lake City Toyota – Toyota Land Cruiser FULL HISTORY – Private Museum Tour

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Axe Family gets a tour of the Toyota Land Cruiser museum in Salt Lake City Utah by Kurt from Expedition Overland. We go through the history of the Toyota Land Cruisers and discuss the progression of each vehicle. Land cruisers are an amazing overland rig. Overlanding is a passion for Kurt and he also loves Land Cruisers.

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Lake City Toyota - Toyota Land Cruiser FULL HISTORY - Private Museum Tour

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  1. I had a 1968 Toy Landcruiser, that grey factory color, it had the ultra cool round fender mounted turn indicators, it had the 6 cyl inline engine, and my favorite aspect of the truck… had the 3 0n the tree Shifter ! I loved it , drove the hell out of that thing, all thru high school, it was my all time favorite vehicle, of all times, ive had over 20 vehicles in my life but that old Land Crusher was my Favorite.

  2. This is awesome! I have a 78 FJ40 Land Cruiser I bought in 95 and restored and upgraded. Did my Baha, Mexico trip last year and I'm heading to Canyonlands this summer. I will make sure to drop by the museum on this trip!

  3. Thanks for sharing with us, definitely want to go and see the museum myself. Landcruisers definitely are the best 4×4 out there. I have a fj62body on a HJ61 chassis. Had a fj60 and fj55.

  4. I've owned a Range Rover and for several years now I've owned a 4Runner. Two things I've learned. With the Toyota The repair dollars stay in my pocket and I don't get my tools all dirty.

  5. The current Land Cruiser (IMO) is a total shame!
    It looks just like every other soccer mom suv out there, and it’s ancestors are ashamed!
    Toyota would be crushing both Jeep’s and Ford Broncos section of the market if they would just start importing the Series 70, and price it competitively with the upper end Jeep’s and Broncos.
    The series 70 would be the king of the hill,
    If they would just bring it to USA.
    (I would cancel my Bronco reservation in a heartbeat for a Series 70)

  6. For the past 27 years I have owned a Brazilian Bandeirante, 1987 model, which I heavily modified over the years keeping the original look as much as possible. Only by looking inside, and seeing panel instruments like the turbo gage, EGT, and tacometer one can tell it isn't 'original'. In fact it is quite the sleeper with a 177 HP Mercedes-Benz OM 364 LA Tdi, originally built for the MB914 truck, 5 speed box, 12/35 differential ratios Nippon AC, ZF power steering, and other amenities. I am quite certain this is my lifetime car. There os something about this cat that makes it quite special. It is great for the city (mine os the short base), for the asphalt, and offroad

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