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Jimmys Chicken Shack – jimmies chicken shack "High"

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Full MTV version of Jimmies Chicken Shack “High” music video. Premiered on 120 minutes and hit MTV2 Top 10. I was Producer & Editor.

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Jimmys Chicken Shack - jimmies chicken shack "High"

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  1. I first heard of Jimmies Chicken Shack I'm like what kind of band name is that? When I first listened to them, it's now like how and the hell have you not heard of Jimmies Chicken Shack?!

  2. How about all those white supremacy QANON "OK" hand signs those white girls were throwing at 2:52? it's not a real thing you idiots…That;s because it didnt mean that in the 90's, nor does it now…..the left is lying to you.

  3. I worked as a bouncer at a nightclub called Scandles, around 1995, I was 19,20 years old. This band played there every week. I was invited a party, but the owner wouldn't let me leave early. I should have just left, the job sucked, but I didn't want to leave the others, that work there hanging.

  4. Was loading a Truck the other day .. Seen a Chicken Dog Toy.. And this Song jumped in my Head & I Started Screaming this Song in the Trailer.. and Air Drumming this song… BTW Bad Ass Skills on this Song.. I love playing it on my Set when I get a Chance… Love This Song !!!! JCS Rocks !!!

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