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Jason Clay Dunn – Jason Clay Dunn wins Ink Master | Rivals (Season 5)

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Every drop of ink paid off for the very talented Jason Clay Dunn as he finally stakes his claim, earning the title of ‘Ink Master’ and taking home $100,000.

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Jason Clay Dunn - Jason Clay Dunn wins Ink Master | Rivals (Season 5)

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  1. I don't know how people are so upset over the decision. Was Clean better? Yes, but his finale tattoo did not meet the challenge, and if he had won on it, it would have been complete BS. They made the right call that night. Should have done color realism. Jason did new school, which was a style he's not used to.

  2. Jason got lucky, period… Cleen should've won this hands down. Jason was always blaming is shortcomings on everything but him just not hitting the mark. If Joshua hadn't been disqualified, as much as an @ss as he was, JCD wouldn't have even made it to the finale. Cleen got robbed plain and simple

  3. I met Jason while working Electronics at Target at Ontario Mills a few years ago. I had no idea who he was and wondered why everyone wanted to talk to him and take pictures. I had seen my fair share of interesting characters coming in to buy phone chargers, etc. He saw my tattoos on my bicep and we started talking about it and he was a really cool guy. I ended up selling him a Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart and then he slid me his card and I was like "oh you forgot this" he's like "that's for you, that's my card, you were really nice very helpful and should come by and have a beer with me and play Mario Kart sometime." and I was like "oh alright cool!" I looked up his name when I got home that day and was like "Wait A minute…I MET THIS GUY" I still have his card today. That's something I wont soon forget, you never know who you will meet anywhere!

  4. Didn’t match the challenge? Those socket wrenches look damn real. Jason was consistently garbage throughout the show and I lost so much respect for Dave and Oliver. Chris is literally the only one acting like a true judge. Cleen was robbed 100% by some mediocre fruitloop who thinks he’s good now.

  5. its quite Ironic, remember when Jason and Cleen were arguing and Json was like everybody drops the ball at least once. yea guess Jason was right, on the final stage cleen dropped the ball. This was his competition to lose and he lost it.

  6. I love this stuff. The judges make millions off this and the contestants sure get exposure but they also get used. So in the end the only winners are the judges. This is true for all these shows from Idol to the Voice to BLM. Whether exploiting minorities or artists or singers – exploitation is alive and well.

  7. Jason got lucky. The judges sometimes just don’t judge on the art alone they judge the person and they shouldn’t. I was surprised when Jason made it to the final 12 both seasons.

  8. They made the right choice even though Cleen was better overall that season. What would be the point of the finale if they didn’t pick the best tattoo? There would be no stakes and everyone would know the winner beforehand.

  9. bro jason obviously won like dave said it’s the super bowl it dosent matter about the regular season jason had the best back pice clean didn’t even do what he has to do on the back peace

  10. Jason goes on about his highs and lows yet his only good tattoo was in the finale. Cleen consistently blows him out of the water throughout the competition. At this point, it seems that any chump off the street can compete for ink master and beat a talented artist like Cleen because of the show’s idiotic judging system!

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