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Hertz Car Rental Corporate – The Rise And Fall Of Hertz

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Hertz was a pioneer in car rental and a highly recognized brand nearly as old as the American auto industry itself. Decimated by coronavirus, Hertz tried in mid-2020 to take advantage of an odd Robinhood-driven spike in its share price and sell stock to pay off its debts. At the time, the company admitted the shares it was selling could end up worthless. Will Hertz be able to emerge from bankruptcy in some form, or will this be the end of its century-long story.

CORRECTION (December 7, 2020): At 2:35, the video provides an incorrect inflation estimate. The number is $15 million, not $15 billion.

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The Rise And Fall Of Hertz

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Hertz Car Rental Corporate - The Rise And Fall Of Hertz

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  1. It’s amazing how this true red white and blue rental company is slowly coming back! Even with competition renting cars and holding them for too long to give bad publicity!
    I LOVE U HERTZ and I’m glad ONE ☝️ GOD kept u alive!
    Special thanks to Elon!

  2. Hertz files a ridiculous amount of false police reports every year! After all the innocent people hertz has arrested each year, they deserve bankruptcy and their executives need jail time. There was a man who was arrested, and the court only found out he was innocent 7 months later!

  3. You left out the part about how Hertz loses track of its cars, reports them to the police as stolen, then rents them to unsuspecting customers who end up getting arrested and spending time in jail. There is no way I would ever rent a car from Hertz. I have better thing to do with my time then rent car at an airport and then get stopped by the cops becasue Hertz reported it stolen.

  4. Only old school and some companies rent vehicles from these rentals nowadays there is so many online rentals with vehicles all around the suburbs and you can drop it off any where . Rental car day is over after 100 years don't be surprised.

  5. Very bad experience as we were overcharged at los vegas airport because our reservation called for a drop off at Reno Tahoe airport!! Reservation was made 3 weeks prior to trip!

  6. Falsely accusing customers for steeling their cars is not a way to keep the business running. You won't rent Hertz if you know that there is a risk of you getting falsely arrested.

  7. One thing not discussed here are the thousands of cases of Hertz filing false stolen car reports on their customers. They've destroyed many people's lives, having to defend themselves against bogus theft claims. Never once have they apologized. Either Hertz is one of the most incompetent companies that's ever existed or they are malicious toward their own customers. Either way I certainly won't ever have anything to do with them again. That and I hope they go out of business. Plenty of good car rental companies to choose from without Hertz.

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