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Directed by Colin Duerr

Narrated by the greatest drummer in the history of forever, the big BAD DAB PATERSON. With ONE T.

Shout outs to Usm, Eddie Logix, Benjamin Miles, and The Big Three, $o-Low, Joe Average and Poetic.


Special Thanks to BIG BLUE, Aaron Biggs, Petro, Boo, The Grabils, McClellan, Rob Hilla, Boos Boys, the HOUSE OF SHAMROCKS, Bart Tinder, and whoever else wants there name in this just ask me next time you see me .. I GOT YOU!!

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Hazel Park Michigan - This is Hazel Park

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  1. The ghetto is all up and through there now. Everyone can thank section 8. Thought i got away from the detroiters and bam they are all in the area starting fights and being ratchet messing up 900 dollar houses.

  2. Check out my channel..

    Amateur MMA/kickboxing fight. (Trying to get my page some views. Watch, Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share… Thanks)

    (BTW, if ur form HP u might kno some of these fighters. They train down the street from Shamrocks at Academy of Soo Do Thai)

  3. Lmao fits pretty well, nice promotion though man, by you making this video you are trying 50.750000098x harder than anyone else that lives here to save our city. No, that wasn't knocking anyone down, I think this is a wake up call for everyone to try and get creative to make our city get our name out there.

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