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Grapevine Colleyville Isd – Grapevine-Colleyville ISD bans CRT, adopts new pronoun, book policy

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The Grapevine-Colleyville ISD board meeting was at overflow capacity Monday night.

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Grapevine Colleyville Isd - Grapevine-Colleyville ISD bans CRT, adopts new pronoun, book policy

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  1. The people in this district can’t even spell CRT let alone understand what it is. Go ahead and teach your kids on your own if you think it’s so easy. I hope the teachers of this district strike. Your kids aren’t worthy of an education.

  2. It’s so amazing that many people think they have free will . This wasn’t a problem before MAGA period. Now all these people want to control the educational system and they think they are free to speak up and spread hate . Feel bad for the children that will go on to higher education out of state and reality becomes so shocking . I met a female from Texas going to college that was a very liberal arts college. She was very confused by her experiences with other students from all over the world.

  3. Republicans just being Republicans to approve of what your family reads, what medical treatments your family receives, etc. Remember to vote Democratic to restore sanity to the government before Republicans take away all your rights, including the right to vote the next time.

  4. Glad we are finally taking back the schools. Now, let's get cameras (or at least audio recording) in the classroom so parents can actually monitor what teachers are telling our kids.

  5. Nazi's are taking over in Florida, Texas….and elsewhere. They are trying to take over at every level of government. I call them the American Taliban. This will be one of the main extemist threats in the future for the U.S.

    They make up problems that don't really exist to rile people up and get them scared. They brainwash the public with false & misleading information. Many of the folks in their target audience can't answer general knowledge questions and don't know any better. This is what the German government was doing in the 1930's with its own people. This is what Putin does with his people…he controls all of the media outlets in Russia….and literally "creates" the news every day and makes it whatever he wants it to be in order to shape public opinion. Reporters are not allowed to report the facts. Now they are trying it in the U.S. It has never been done here on this scale.

    Hopefully a free press will maintain enough of a counterbalance to stop them from completely taking over. However, so far…the far right & their media machine is winning. I don't really like Biden…never voted for him. I'm an independent that leans left on some issues… and leans moderate right on others. I'm a fact based person. These crazy folks have convinced everyone that as POTUS, Biden is responsible for everything bad in their personal lives… From gas prices, Covid, inflation, to heatwaves (yes…they blame him for the weather). They blame him for canceled flights, and for their significant other breaking up with them. Everything is Biden's fault. The rightwing folks have convinced everyone that the U.S. President controls everything and is thus responsible for everything. They take advantage of public ignorance or lack of knowledge about how their government, how the U.S. economy and the global economy actually works. Most people just have very little understanding about this….so it's just easier to blame Biden. Frustrates me to no end. I feel like pulling my hair out.

  6. GCISD PARENTS: Withdraw your kids from GCISD immediately! The more kids removed from these schools, and the quicker they’re removed, the quicker the school district will lose federal funding!!! When school districts are left with few teachers, fewer students, and reduced funding, they’ll either bend to the will of the community or they will be forced to close!

    We have got to start standing up, together, against this tyrannical fascism that is encroaching into our lives, our communities, our states, our government, and our nation!!! We cannot wait around or expect that someone else will come in and save us! We have to save ourselves, and Texas children, together!

    A slight glimmer of hope did happen just this week when the Federal 4th Circuit Court ruled that gender dysphoria falls under the federal protections of the ADA! That’s not our district here in Texas, but it’s a circuit precedent, and those are typically given a great deal of weight!

    So to all you GCISD, Southlake, Keller, Fort Worth ISD Parents and Teachers … It’s time to SUE THE FK out of these fascist autocratic school districts!

  7. Upsetting when people who don’t live in our district come into our district spend money to put members on OUR school board. They bring in non residents to talk at our board meeting. The board itself the 4 members 2 are bought and paid for by Patriot Cell changed how the board members could discuss the issues up for vote. So really the parents comments meant nothing. This was in essences Dr Ryan and board a Kangaroo court. We see, we are noting. We will keep our seats and more . PROTECT GCISD

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