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Three systems can be considered the best AC system for your home. As an experienced HVAC technician an now business owner, my team has installed and made repairs on every main brand of central air conditioning system on the market.

It’s funny, I see a ton of articles online about this who makes the best AC system topic – many that someone who’s not even in the HVAC industry wrote! Some compensated blog writer wrote it or gave you a list of the best top-rated systems. Systems they’ve never even touched. These bloggers are telling people that nationally recognized economy line systems are better than the systems that are truly going to last you a long time.


Short and sweet, three companies have the best reputation over several decades of manufacturing, in no particular order, they are:


There are definitely other AC system brands that make up the middle tier and lower tier AC system lines, and I put them in this video.


We sell Trane as our premium line and Coleman or Payne as our economy line. But my goal here is to try to stay as neutral as possible here so you don’t feel like I’m trying to sway you one way or the other. You’ll hear me talk about some brands being better than others, and I mean no offense to anyone or any manufacturer.

But you’ve got to take this sort of advice from someone who’s installed all of them at one point or another and serviced the equipment out in the field.


Before I list the rest of the systems,

I want to mention air conditioning systems come fully assembled at the factory and are ready to work. However, it takes experienced technicians to modify the unit per the manufacturer’s instructions to conform to your specific home’s demands. The last steps of installing it “in the field” and adding whatever additional parts to bring it up to proper building code in your area is up to the contractor you choose.

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00:00 Intro
0:38 The 3 best brands in no particular order
4:20 Middle of the road brand names
5:00 Entry-level brand names
6:40 Single-stage systems
7:45 2-stage systems
10:08 Variable speed systems
11:18 The most efficient AC system today in the unitary market
12:15 Conclusion

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  1. Fantastic information. We put a York system in our 3000 sq ft, 2 story home when we bought it 10 years ago due to cost. Never ran great and the installer was a joke. Our evaporator coil started leaking 5 years ago and the original installer "fixed" it (although they never told us that was actually the issue). More problems this past summer and a different HVAC company came out and told us it had a crack in it. We're just getting ready to get quotes for a new system and we'll be looking at Carrier, Trane and Lennox installers. Thanks so much for this great video.

  2. Each manufacturer has 2 flagships and Lennox is no different. Trane/American, Carrier/Bryant, Lennox/Armstrong, York/Coleman, Rheem/Ruud. They all cheaper price point cousins in the marketplace: (using the same order) Ameribest (Trane family), Payne( Carrier family), Concord(Lennox family) , Champion (York Family), Weather King (Ruud family). (There are others too) I'm a 33 year installer and technician and I find ZERO difference between a Payne and Bryant. I REGULARLY see manufacturers get credit they don't deserve, and criticism they don't deserve, even in this thread. I'm 100% convinced that the name on the badge is almost irrelevant. A Concord in the hands of a conscientious, skilled craftsmen will do better than a Lennox in the hands of $14/ hr installer. Vet the man, not the brand.

  3. The multi or variable stage units are way more expensive and with the small amount of energy saving, the unit will need to be replaced before you can recoup the initial cost. They also fail more & are much more expensive to repair.

  4. Does not matter which system is the best the government has changed the gas in a home air conditioning unit again the 410 was it doing a very good job and deliver good heat in Winter the new units will not do that

  5. A good installation is a huge component to how the system will work and how well it survives.
    I have only been impressed with an installation a few times. I run pressure diagnostics on hundreds of systems per year and most fail the standards of 15% leakage or less.
    Most installs are sloppy, crude and leaky. Finding a good contractor with good technicians is worth every penny.

  6. What he says is true but it goes way beyond that. 8 factories make most all major brand units under many different names. Here's the kicker, they're ALL THE SAME!!!! not 1 manufacturer makes their own unit. EVERYONE is made from aftermarket parts. They all use Compressors by Copeland or Tecumseh They all use Emmerson, AO Smith, or GE fan motors, They all use coils from the same couple of coil manufacturers. They don't even make their own shells everything is outsourced parts and the few assembly lines put them all together, but they do put different stickers on them. It doesn't matter what brand you buy you'll have the same luck with good service or failure. The difference between a good unit and a bad one is installation. I've actually had the distributor ask me what name brand I wanted and handed me the name plates! When we go to get parts we don't say name brand we use the part number on the piece we're replacing regardless the name brand that's how interchangeable they are

  7. Great information. I have a question regarding price.

    is 15-16k an average price for a Lenox sing stage furnace and Ac installation?  

    I'm getting quotes and would like to put one of the top units and would like your opinion on pricing. The old system is up in the attic with ample space to move around.

    Great video!

    thank you.

  8. Been running a variable speed Carrier for 12 years. A big decrease in my electric bill from my old system.
    Only problem we have had is the ventilation motor dies right at 10 years and it was replaced under warranty.

    What Tier would you rank Ducane?

  9. There are a lot of interesting thoughts in here and life is too short for me to argue all my disagreements. A couple of thoughts though.

    I’m not a fan of Lennox. Never have been and never will be. The reasons are too many to list.

    The base level Carrier/Bryant units seem to be identical to all the various ICP brands. None of the ICP brands seem any different from each other. This is my view seeing them in the field.

    RunTru/Ameristar are as bad as a unit can be and Trane should be ashamed.

    An air conditioning company will get more proposals accepted if the quoted equipment is Carrier or Trane. Everything else is less well known and it is harder to convince those that want quality that quality can come with a different name.

    Nexia does now work with Alexa. I haven’t tried to set one up yet, but that is what I read.

    Thanks for the video.

  10. Our Carrier (“top model”) HVAC system failed after just 10 years due to copper condenser coil developing an unrepairable leak. Carrier’s customer service was pitiful…they purposely dodged our repair contractor by telling them only one replacement unit was available in the U.S., and it might take 3 weeks to get it shipped from Louisiana to Tennessee….the temperature here was in the 90’s, 3 weeks wasn’t going to work. I volunteered to drive to Louisiana and bring it to our home myself,…but Carrier wouldn’t let me. They may be tops in your rating,..and I trust you are skilled and know your profession,…but this kind of treatment DOES NOT register as top shelf to me.

  11. I had a goodman system that never gave me a moment of issue until the R22 became prohibitive. I "Upgraded" to a Rheem and it breaks down on average twice a year. NEVER AGAIN on RHEEM

  12. Excellent video…we live in S FLA and have had a Rheem variable speed system for 11 yrs. We love it and have never had any issues. We clean the coil about every five yrs, which I think has really helped keep the system trouble free. I don't see why it can't last another 5 to 6 yrs. Thanks again for the information

  13. Oh this is a reassuring video. In 2020 we had our 30 year old Carrier replaced with a brand new Lennox single stage unit. Here in the 916, as you know it gets stupid hot like last week when it hit 117F. Our home is a simple single story 3 bedroom house, so it's good to know that the contractor (rhymes with Homer's favorite beer) didn't screw us over. I was concerned that perhaps we were getting oversold actually, because the owner insisted on a having a simple on/off thermostat, yet turns out that the ML14XC1-030 is the perfect unit for a house that really just likes to leave the home open to fresh air as much as possible and just run the AC when it is actually hot.

    Really appreciate the video.

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