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Europe may potentially have a space problem. Not so much in terms of having an independent agency that can invest in space, but in terms of keeping up with an age of space that will be centered around commercial space ventures.

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  1. Something you don't talk about is the fact that Europe has rockets better suited for long range launches and this was recently proven by the fact that the rocket for the JWST was mainly built by Arianespace. This is very different than commercial applications such as Starlink that does low-orbit launches

  2. Me: I wonder if they managed to pinpoint the source of Europe's space problem …
    video begins: counting in French language
    Me: Yep, they got it

    Full disclosure: I have worked on Ariane 6 project.

  3. I root 100% for SpaceX.
    The other companies are in the market just for money …nothing bad with that but not enough to make me care about them. Rapid innovation is what our world needs..not 100s of regulatuons every year.

  4. I am not sure if someone say it already but most of the thinks SpaceX is launching is starlink which if it finish it will increase the satellite by 10 times, and I don't think SpaceX will use anything else them self to launch. And I don't think starlink will be the big money maker as they say it.

  5. I don't think satellite based broadband is the future, rather I think it's stupid. The ammount of satellites you need is enormous and the download speeds are insignificant. Most european countries have or are bulding extensive fibre optic connections reaching every single home with speeds of 10Gb/s or more.

  6. I wouldn't sell the skin of Ariane that fast.
    As we saw it is still more than relevant in the world stage with the launch of the James Webb satellite with an Ariane 5.
    Though it is a reality that the company has a lot to catch up it is in the process, and the new French program Maïa Space to create reusable small rockets will finally help ArianeGroup filling the blank.

  7. Yes….starlink is going nowhere. Good luck launching 50k satellites every 5 years. Lmfao. Also putting tons of satellites in LEO is unsustainable and will lead to massive amounts of space junk and possible collisions.

  8. I mean the whole European market is a sham, we're 46 independent nations that can survive without each other, to be so EU centric is harmful to Europe and each nations national identity. The US has a singular national identity, because they're structured like that, but a Swedish person and a Croat have nothing in common, so what the fuck is everything so gosh darn EU centric.
    The EU is the world's biggest scam, after Canada's Justin Trudeau, but still.

  9. Yeah, but starlink program is unsustainable. Dish cost about 2k USD to produce and sold for 500 USD. They want to lunch 40k satellites to cover entire globe and yet there are about 6k total satellites in orbit of any kind. And they want to replace the entire fleet every 5 years. It's bogus

  10. One of the underdogs of the space industry is Italy. The amount of small-to-medium aerospace companies and startups in the territory is really of note, and they’re constantly contracted by the likes of NASA, JAXA, and private enterprises for highly-specialized machinery; most notably of which being optics and imaging and navigational components

  11. I agree with your facts, but I am very skeptical if your interpretation.

    We live in a time where there is way too much available capital.
    We have a large middle aged population that invests their money.
    Next, most startups don't require that much capital.
    This should mean there is tons of available capital.
    Even in places like Germany the interest rate was negative.
    Meaning people were loosing money because there was a lack of good investments.

    I THINK, Europe's problem is that you have to go through the government to get these things funded.
    Compared with America there are many private non governmental groups who will fund you.
    Make no doubt, rocket companies require a lot of capital.
    But, on paper, they should have enough capital.

    Additionally, I'm not sure a largely government funded organization can help Europe catch up at even a reasonable rate, let alone pass SpaceX.
    The previous rocket companies in America before SpaceX were very expensive, and was largely a contractor with subcontractors with their own subcontractors and so forth.
    And each contractor had to make a profit.
    So, each had high prices.
    Additionally, the CEO under this system could not make big long term plans or big changes that could make the system more innovative or efficient.
    Next, the shareholders had a lot of say in that company so short term quarterly profit was more important than long term planning.

    So Europe can try this strategy, but it won't be pleasant.

  12. Honestly, I think SpaceX is going to turn out to be a something of a fraud with technology nowhere near the level they claim to have. Reusability, for example, isn't a new idea. It was always possible to do it, but it just didn't make economical sense. What was new was that SpaceX claims to have made it economically profitable. Yet their finances are shady at best. Given the trickery that other Musk companies seem to do, I wouldn't be surprised if we found out that SpaceX isn't actually delivering the savings it claims it would.

  13. The fundamental flaw in this analysis is that Space X launches predominantly its own satellites. Those may never be profitable. In fact, there is a very good chance that Space X will face bankruptcy in 2022.

  14. European Space programs were state funded and started, like NASA. For large projects as such, state sector companies are more efficient than private companies IMO. I know It does not fit with current economic dogma. I may add that Space X and other private ventures are quite recent.

  15. Ariane heeft de JW toch mooi van de grond geschoten.

    De UK heeft zijn eigen plannen als het over satelliet lanceringen gaat. Met 3 nieuwe lanceer ports in de plannen. een zien hoe hun begroting het lukt.

    Want op een dag is de ruimte voor satellieten op en borsten ze. Meer dan nu al elke 2 maanden.

  16. I think this warrants a comparison of Europe vs. SpaceX:

    – components sourced from almost all 26 EU nations (the opposite of "vertically integrated")
    – Operates traditonally;
    : bureaucracy makes getting enough funding a challenge
    : Traditional (NASA-like) values impede rapid development
    : Lack of interest due to stifling innovation

    – Everything is made in-house (You cannot get more vertically integrated than that)
    – Operates as a(n actually good) company;
    : backed by the world's most valuable man (Elon)
    : focus on efficiency, unlike Boeing and alike
    : Is literally the Stanford of rocket ventures (huge interest, innovation) attracts worldwide attention ~and I want to immigrate to the U.S. just to work for them~

    Do you see the problem here?
    – Sincerely, a Portuguese person

  17. The American attitude towards most ground-based energy science is as one US senator said "let the Europeans deal with it", in response to funding for the texas SSC project. But it almost seems to be the opposite with space science!

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