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East Side Marios – Undercover Boss – East Side Mario's S2 E10 (Canadian TV series)

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John Rothschild is the CEO of Prime Restaurants Inc., which has over 140 casual dining restaurants in Canada and the U.S., including East Side Mario’s. He goes undercover in the restaurant in a bid to check the front lines of the business. With the explosion of family dining restaurants, East Side Mario’s is fighting for customers and Rothschild is worried that his brand is starting to look dated. But his own staff and customers have surprising solutions to reviving business, and when he reunites with the people he worked alongside, he makes a big difference to both their personal and work lives.[25]

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East Side Marios - Undercover Boss - East Side Mario's S2 E10 (Canadian TV series)

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  1. Rothchild's wife (the chicken that never worked a day in her life) to her husband…"you are not a speed chicken" they are half your age… as If there were not man and women that have to do those exact jobs at his age… aaaand… only the blind gets a raise in salary????? whats 15000 when we want to buy a house? all your employees need a raise ….never have seen a so cinical boss

  2. Much better dishwashers are a must; those shown are way to small and a very slow way to do mass dishes. NEVER have cutting edges that are sharp in a unsorted cutlery pan. Bad for edges and very dangerous to workers. Only cutters ion a individual container that goes straight into a high pressure steam cleaner.

  3. Is the Boss Really a Rothschild? Renown Financiers in Europe? He Looks like the Senior Rothschild? They are filthy Rich & Collectors of extraordinary Art. Is he related?

  4. I cried when Ryan said he was blind. I'm blind in my left eye from optic neuritis because of an infection of the optic nerve. He's worse off than I am, and I give him kudos for doing that most people wouldn't do! God bless him!

  5. BREAKING NEWS: Family Italian restaurant being run by a white guy with no experience in the industry is hurting and cant keep up with the times.

    Dosnt know the business, doesnt know the food… taadaa. A captain that doesnt know how his ship even floats let alone operates.

  6. Step up the pace, step up the pace! Please tell me HOW does a brand new employee match the pace of a seasoned employee? Unless you’ve had previous experience you don’t have the knowledge or muscle memory to work at the same pace. Trainees don’t need to be on the front line in the beginning. Don’t berate them for skills the haven’t acquired yet.

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