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What you’ve been waiting for → America’s first card for conservatives built by conservatives. Join Coign:

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Coign Credit Card - America's First Conservative Credit Card - Coign

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  1. so many up & coming conservative social medias with alternative financial avenues available. I'm also shopping for a cash card like Chime or Green Dot for direct deposits, bill pay, & withdraw at partnering ATM's so there's no charge for ATM use + automatic update on card balance. I've been waiting, I'm hoping there are investors who can deliver us from this evil that holds our finances hostage, and give us options. thx

  2. Is this satire? Yea, go ahead people, give more money to Donald Trump. A quarter billion dollar grift isn't good enough? He's better than these televangelist when it comes to stealing old people's money. SUCKERS!

  3. Need to see what their influence is before applying Right now I get 3% cashback from Citi and CHase which are terrible however 2% cashback is alot. Also what charities are being donated too and what is coigns influence on said charities. I need to be sure Coign is not empowering RINOs against conservatives.

  4. Not a bad start… but I prefer to donate to the individual causes of my choosing, not have them "voted" for me. And not even because we all know how trustworthy "voting" is.

  5. It's a good idea for many. But it's not the most competitive card out there.

    The best (relatively few) cards give 1.5% back on all purchases, and also have no annual fee (like Coign). The best cards may require higher credit ratings than Coign — or offer a larger line of credit.

    I have an exceptional card that gives 2%, but they are not taking new customers with that perk.

    Overall, for most, Coign is a terrific alternative to supporting woke credit card companies.

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