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A troubled young woman meets her father for the first time only to be interrupted when a man in the park opens his mouth four feet wide and swallow a 10-year-old whole. This sends them on a wild ride full of interdimensional entities, scary little girls, and crippling insecurities about the future.


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  1. This Film is weird man!!.. Weird as in trying to make a fricken cartoon weird way by making something that that may only belong in cartoons into a real life twist reality crazy like weird!. If I dreamed something up like this I would be like!…Get me out of this dream and back to reality because this was some crazy shi#!. maybe the director has some kind of fetich mind something like having some kind of crazy crap about wanting to eat people whole crazy like man! but at least it's not some kind of sucking a person up in your butt or some other crazy thought up crazy demon possessed mind way or on crazy spaced out on acid mind on drugs. when I seen another crazy film back in the day called (The Taking of Deborah Logan) I was freaked out when that old lady tried to eat that sick little girl and I thought to my self (Now that's some crazy Shi#)

  2. I love the chemistry between Sam and Jackson. Their personalities clash in such a perfect way. I would honestly watch a full series of just those two accidentally stumbling into cosmic horror mysteries like this.

  3. I'm shock with the acting its better than most horror films but this movie is YouTube material though haha. Ngl. Although i did watch until the end, but because I fell in love with the girl.

  4. Well, well, well, i was expecting this to be low budget garbage but it was actually good, different. Feels more like those low budget but entertaining YouTube horror movies rather than a regular movie and that's fine, well worth a watch.

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