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Cedar Rapids News – Community works together as Iowa deals with aftermath of derecho | WNT

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After hurricane-force winds slammed Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a week ago, volunteers are helping thousands without power by collecting donations and cleaning up the neighborhood.




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Cedar Rapids News - Community works together as Iowa deals with aftermath of derecho | WNT

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  1. friday is probably my new fav day, i was in this derecho, and on friday august 21 (a day before writing this comment) the power came back on. did not really care about that much because we already were using a generator was still kinda happy to have ac back after a while. our internet provider said 4-6 months no internet, power comes back, theres the internet. really weird

  2. Thank God for the people pulling together maybe having Trump in office people now have to pull together more than ever this is what people did back at my time which I'm 76 years old maybe if people are hurting enough they can think about who they vote for next time because this is very sad that we live in a country what is the president doing about this state that had this catastrophe from Mother Nature and the thing of it is a lot of my friend the same wall as mother nature but maybe God is just angry. I don't know but one thing I do know people are pulling together they're trying to do what they can together and that's a good thing we just have to get someone in there that's going to help us get to where we want to go and then everyone can make $15 an hour like we do a Washington state up to $20 an hour you can't live on nothing you can't live on paycheck to paycheck assist us out enough money is not enough money for people to live because if they had enough money and it was making enough money nobody would be in this situation in the first place these are people that's never going to Food Bank see the people that's never drawn unemployment these are people that had said old jobs and his still do the job because they have to take the other family what you got there and all this president wants to do is lie tell people bark Mularkey get rid of one of the best car companies in the United States and his car runs on those tires and there's nowhere for him to get those tires except from that company that he's making all the crap about and it's a good thing not to wear black lives matter in those red hats and anything that has to do with politics at a company because you don't know who you're going to be feeling that you might be hurting so why go to a company and flaunt something that nobody wants to see it doesn't matter if it's black lives don't matter that does matter it doesn't matter if it's White Lies matter it doesn't matter if it's a Maga hat or you just say I hate the United States whatever anything that's negative is not something that a person can be wearing on their clothes we have enough negativity in the white house so why did we need to wear anything to make us more negativity and make people Saturday deal with this virus we got enough problems in this world and one to get rid of trump

  3. Sorry to hear about what happened over there. I'm so tired of hearing about Covid-19 and other things are being put on the back burner. Being a Texan this weather is not unusual and it's devastating.

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  6. Oh look Americans who pay their taxes to be supported by the government in times of disaster instead have to rely on their community to help while the government turns a blind eye… how is this America Strong? Are you sadistic fucks?

  7. The virus doesn’t exist. It’s never been isolated, and the establishment-provided genetic sequence does not satisfy Koch’s postulates.

    This entire thing is a farce. We’re facing a war on oxygen, and the PCR test is totally corrupt, and without it, there is no “virus”.

    Masks serve as a sign of submission and blind authoritarian obedience. They are very dangerous, and the effects of mass mask adornment is ultimately an establishment-gratifying demand in that the negative heath effects associated with face coverings will be categorized as a covid illness or death. This will yield further lockdowns and control.

    This is the HIV hoax on steroids and orchestrated by the same corrupt man, Fauci. Same script, vastly different outcomes.

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