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WOULD YOU HELP SOMEONE IN NEED? Take ownership of each other’s well-being. Call 911 if a life is in danger.

Nov. 14 marks the fifth anniversary of WVU student Nolan Burch’s death. The documentary film “Breathe, Nolan, Breathe,” produced by City Drive Entertainment Group and WVU, focuses on what happened in the early hours of Nov. 13, what should have happened and what the campus community can do to make sure it never happens again.

Produced in association with: “The Nolan Burch Foundation”, “ANYONE Collective”, and “Sugar Studios LA”.

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  1. If anyone ever did this to my fucking brother I would kill them. I don’t give a shit what would happen to my future, this story fucking infuriates me. How is it fucking funny to watch a human being dying? I hope they all get what they deserve in the end.

    Also, when they said if he would have made it to the hospital earlier he could have lived. They thought it was funny when he couldn’t control his bodily functions, that’s horrendous and nothing ducking funny about it.

  2. As someone in a sorority, the rule is you leave with whoever you come with. You make sure that person gets home safely and you don’t sleep until you know they’re sober enough to be left alone. I know frats are different than sororities but this disgusts me to no end.

  3. I thank Nolan's parents for sharing this on social media. I pray that ALL youths watch this video. It has a very important lesson. It's an eye opener. Although these parents lost their son, they don't want other parents to experience the pain they are still going through, and will live with for the rest of their lives.

  4. That’s my brother, different school.. but that’s got me legitimately crying. I go to the university of Mississippi.. knowing the meaning of fraternity from what I was taught , this is sad and disgusting.

    He’s my older brother, my brother for life and in death, and though I never knew him, he’s gone too soon. I wish my older brothers at the UWV could have done much better. I have no doubt in my mind, if I saw my brother laying unconscious I would absolutely have checked on him. There is no doubt in my mind, that I’m praying for his family now.

    I wish I could have been there. Not every brother is like this. It’s terrible that they never checked on him. I’m not a party animal, in fact I hardly go to parties as a devout student.. but this has made me want to go to every party and make sure this will never happen again. I’ve seen this documentary but I had no clue it was in my fraternity.

    Fraternity is brotherhood, and like your older brother (blood) would check on you if you were unconscious, every one of you should have checked on Nolan.

    This is shameful, sad for a fraternity I pledged my life to. I will make sure this is displayed for all pledges from here on out. On my campus and as many campuses as I can get this to be aired.

    I hope everyone knows my fraternity has adopted a no hazing, no alcohol policy.. especially on my campus. While a pledge may clean the house, they will never be forced to consume any substance of any kind by any means. I was a pledge and I was never forced to do this.. and sadly, I have Nolan to thank for this.

    Nolan, my brother, I’m so sorry. I pray for your family every day. Thank you for raising our awareness. You will not be forgotten and I will make sure of this until the end of my days.

  5. We take care of our fucking brothers. Pledging and hazing happens at practically every college in the country every year and the vast majority of people are able to do it without causing actual harm to the pledges. Someone's hurt that shit should always take priority. I don't understand how the fuck this was even allowed to happen.

  6. These are free masonic rituals…. Free masonry is Judaism for gentiles, they just don't know it. As Rabbi Levi says, remove the rituals and symbolism and what are ae left with? Judaism for gentiles. Free Masons in the making.

  7. I’ve had alcohol poisoning in a much lighter sense and it is HORRIBLE I don’t remember anything, my body felt weighed down and I had no energy to move or speak, left me sick for a week straight after and it’s the worst feeling ever, it literally paralyzes you. I have been so utterly wasted and was still able to care for my friends who were sick and take them home, fucking gross what these grown ass men did while he laid there slowly dying

  8. I hope every single one of them lives with the image of the person they murdered as well as that girl in the back watching them carry his life was body inside. True disgraces to this life. Nolan you deserved better. I’m sorry. Rip

  9. Just the bros being bros, smh I hate American frat culture so much, it’s a catalyst for SO many of the toxic traits men exhibit in our society.

    There needs to be serious change in the way frats are structured. Nolan never should of died, he should of been surrounded by people who actually cared for him. I hope those frat brothers carry that guilt for the rest of their lives because make no mistake, Nolan’s blood is on their hands.

  10. It always strikes me as extremely bizarre when parents of a kid who had just died unexpectedly are talking about it finding out about the death…. And they're talking about it like they're talking about a book they read or something… Like the mom doesn't even have trouble speaking, or a tear in her eye and even a slight smile on their face? I know everyone handles grief differently but when I saw my parents after the sudden death of my sibling they were basically in a zombie state of severe shock and grief for a long time.

  11. sometimes when you drink you can choke frome it or from youre eat you need help from others and most disturbed when i saw the clip when they come in house i thought he is already death and when they make fun when he was at the table that diskused me

  12. Excuse me but all the people that carried him, put him on his stomach and kicked him deserve prison. I'm sorry but how can you just leave someone that is clearly unconcious and not even check the pulse and call 911. This is horrible.

  13. If marijuana was legalized instead of ALCOHOL then they wouldve had him smoke an eighth in one sitting and he would've been laughing or peacefully asleep instead. RIP Nolan you seemed like a chill dude to be around despite me knowing nothing about you other than this video. I am sorry to hear this happened to someone who seemed to carry a lot of potential. I partially blame not only the obvious ones in this case that are to blame, but the country we live in instead. I am so tired of seeing how almost every death I know about currently, whether it is my family member or a close friend..they all involve alcohol so far. I fuckin hate this country right now. I've never been more sad to call myself an American.

  14. Ah yes listening to the words of a 21 year old privileged chad justify hazing in a frat as if they know anything.
    Frats are fucking stupid as fuck. Stop supporting them, stop joining them, and stop letting this horrible shit continue.

  15. 11 days ago, my girlfriend was supposed to come over, we both just got out of rehab. I knew she was going home from work and she hadn't called me so I checked location to see if she was otw home and she was in a city of out the way from where she lived and I knew she picked up. I called her and asked her why and she sounded fine in her voice and was sorry and I knew she wouldn't have used before coming to my house or so thought, and she (I know she would've) felt guilty being high in front of me not wanting me to relapse. I told her to stay on the phone with me and she did for a little but hung up after about 20min (she was home), I told her I was gonna call her in 10min and if she didn't answer I would assume something bad happened. We said I love you and hung up. She didn't answer when I called her, I called a few times, called 911. When they found her she was in cardiac arrest, they were able to bring her back but it was too late. After a few days she was pronounced brain dead so her parents signed her certificate. I'm absolutely destroyed. 22 years old cut so early. I thought I was going to be able to spend my life with my best friend and now I'm lost; I'm 20 years old and this disease, and fentanyl has stolen so many beautiful people from me, and from the world throughout my life. I miss her so much. I'm lucky I have my faith back (helped going to rehab) and I know her soul is forever watching over me. I'm still in shambles. She's a beautiful short blonde girl with striking blue eyes. I will always love her. I don't know what to do with myself anymore, but I'm going to try my best to keep my head up and get through this. We were deeply in love, each other's support, and made each other so happy. I finally found happiness in my life. After years of horror. It was taken away. Please check on your loved ones and stay safe. Somebody somewhere loves you. Get help if you need it, even if you don't think you do- you probably do if you're thinking about it. This event has been the worst in my life, and I keep losing people. Please just get help. Please. I love you Laurel.

  16. This makes me sick to my stomach. I hope these kids remember his face forever . How can you leave a friend like this. The kid who kicked him. They all should have been charged.
    How disgusting.

  17. This was a hazing?
    How disgusting. I assumed he had a drinking problem, and everyone was fed up..
    Not a bunch of drunken idiots, who killed this killed, then carried his dead body back, and tossed him like a bag of trash! ….. I mean.. if you find someone on the floor, wouldn't you check for signs of distress first!? Stupid me, assumed they had. But, we wouldn't be here, would we?

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