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“For BOSS, it all starts here in Iron Mountain, Michigan, where designing, innovating and manufacturing world-class snow and ice removal equipment is what we’re all about. We are a worldwide leader in snow and ice control with a growing lineup of plows for trucks, UTVs and ATVs, salt and sand spreaders and box plows built for the professional.”

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Boss Snow Plows - Drag Pro 180Z Tech Review | BOSS Snowplow |

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  1. The video shows it floating over the snow instead of scraping like spreading fluffer nutter on your toast. And who the hell wants to keep there head turned looking backwards? Everytime it snows I'm out plowing for 6-8hrs and could begin to imagine looking out my extended cab back window for more time than I already do! It is what it is just my opinion

  2. I twin

    I run an EXT and a 16” drag pro. Boss needs to come up with some better operators for their videos, as I watch snow spilling over the back of the drag pro and off to the wrong side of the truck that is wind rowing to the passenger side. The 180z looks fine but plowing in reverse SUCKS! I will stick to my normal drag pro!

  3. I am interested in one of these, but after talking with a few local dealers they can't seem to get any information on price and availability. Could you provide this information please?

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