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DO THE MATH. After years of research, Cory Loeffler from the DRC Call Company was in search of a better patterning shotgun shell. He found it in the shorty 12 gauge #5 2 3/4” shorty from BOSS. Copper-plated Boss is denser and holds tighter giving Cory an effective non-toxic option that offers cleaner kills than premium steel loads. Cory breaks down the actual math and efficacy of BOSS and why you should choose them over other shell options.

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Boss Shotgun Shells - BOSS SHOTSHELLS Comparison

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  1. If your shells are so great why did your company have to go after a small YouTube channel who HONESTLY reviewed your shells and they performed like shit. And you sent your lawyers after them over an honest review. I would stop hunting if your shells was all I had to use. Not going to “bleed my wallet dry”, on junk shells!! Great company you got there……

  2. I’ve contemplated buying bismuth/Boss. I’ve seen and read too many conflicting opinions. I want to see some side by side pattern testing with say some comparable steel 2’s that’s at 1500 FPS (common) compared to Boss 1350 FPS 2’s using whichever choke is best for each load. Say improved modified for steel and full for bismuth. Then I want to see the penetration difference in ballistic gelatin at 40 yards. Yes bismuth is heavier but not by a large margin but the steel is also moving 150 FPS faster. Can’t seem to find that information anywhere.

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