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Blake’S Lotaburger Near Me – Blakes Lotaburger (Review)

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Lil Mic and OGD bring you to New Mexicos own Blakes Lotaburger!! Very happy to share this one with you all. Hope you all enjoy. Let us know where your from and what you want to see on our channel!!! #chicanostalktv #lilmic #ogd

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Blake'S Lotaburger Near Me - Blakes Lotaburger (Review)

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  1. You guys should do a review of Benny's in Bosque Farms. Super good burgers, taco salads, deep fried burritos! FIRME!!!! Also try the taquito special, 2 taguitos with quacamole!

  2. Never tried the fries n ice cream.
    Last week tried pickle shhnackk with chamoy, tajin, fruit roll, patito lucas chamoy salt used the spear pickles pretty good.
    Oranges with kool-aid is good too

  3. I had never heard of Blake’s before I saw Breaking Bad. Now they are known world wide. I love the area between Farmington to Dulce to ABQ. Just beautiful. Can’t wait to try a Blake’s. Keepin it Real!

  4. You two are flippin' awesome! I love your reviews! Blakes lotaburgers are so delicious! I don't care for their breakfast burritos much. Somehow they always screw them up

  5. How do i not get the notificaions! Bout to watch this grew up on Blakes! parents pay days!! Grew up in Farmington and Bloomfield. Moved to down to cruces area when i was 12 Blakes is the only food that makes me feel like im home

  6. I like fries dipped in the shake – Maybe you have to have done it from a kid or something to like it as an adult. I'd always dip my fries in my frosty at Wendy's, that was the best place to do it, but they changed their fries a while ago and now they suck so I can't do it no more there.
    And this inflation calculator I use says that $6,000 in 1952 equals just over $61,000, I don't know what it normally costs nowadays to start a restaurant so I don't know if that's normal or less or what lol

  7. Caveman Burgers is bomb! That big burger they do is wild – it fills literally the entire to-go box, they put all kinds of stuff in it, like the beef patty, then also chicken breast, I think chorizo, I haven't been there in a minute but my best friend and I would split it and it was awesome.

  8. lol I was sitting here watching and saw the tv in the back with you guys on it and I was like "Damn they got these dudes on their tv at Blakes!" then I realized you were back at your place lmao. Now I'm all hungry and off to get some!

  9. Blake’s has sucked forever now, hasn’t been good since the 1990’s and especially hasn’t been good since the new owners took over, gotten small as fuck and what’s up with that new fancy bun?

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