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Australia Sky News – ‘Hypocrisy’: ABC guest defends NRLW player’s Queen slander

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African-Australian writer Sisonke Msimang showed “hypocrisy” after defending NRLW player Caitlin Moran for her slander of Queen Elizabeth II after her death, says Sky News host James Morrow.

Ms Moran called Her Majesty a “dumb dog” on Instagram, receiving a one-match ban and being fined 25 per cent of her salary.

Speaking on ABC’s Q + A, Ms Msimang said it’s “shameful” she received harsh punishments.

However, on ABC’s The Drum last year, Ms Msimang slammed a book by former US vice-president Mike Pence for being a “vehicle for hatred”.

“What you use to shut down your opponents can also be used against you,” Sky News host Rowan Dean said.

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  1. Equality of treatment .. Israel Folau suspended indefinitely .. Caitlin Moran a few hours on the bench …. this person is a Sth African Activist says its too much.. talk about vehicles of hatred her own nation is engaged in Government Racially Inspired hatred of White Sth Africans in particular Farmers . Farm Holdings taken away from Farmers Zero Compensation not widely reported in Australia .. it doesn't suit the narrative .. .

  2. In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads: Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.!!!

  3. This is what happens when a government apologises on behalf of people for something we did not do. Now, any aboriginal who believes they were part of the ‘stolen generation’ or a descendant is entitled to $200,000 compensation. Watch that amount increase and how many will claim 2,3,4 or 5 times.

  4. If Simon and his fellow useful idiot apologists were on the receiving end of Caitlin Moran's disgusting tweet, you'd hear the squeals of outrage from the end of the street.
    Hypocritical much?

  5. Getting so sick of this constant, "Oh it's because of my [irrelevant demographic category]!" Honestly if every single Conservative candidate in my district considered themselves a "trans person of color" and all of the Liberals were older white men I would vote for the Conservatives. And I think a lot of other people in America would probably say the same thing. You just want to say, "So what! Big deal!"

    But recent events in America indicate we may not have to worry about Left wing lunatics in our government much longer. They defended all of the idiot things they did: the raid, the speech and the island fiasco.

    And the only "issue" they seem to believe is on THEIR side is one that I suspect the vast majority of men (who I think now vote in much larger numbers than in the past) could really care less about anyway. Certainly not enough to change a vote. Whether or not a Republican candidate is pro-life or pro-choice is totally meaningless to me. It just so happens that almost without exception they are pro-life.

    And after all the crap the left has pulled I have no problem voting for the ones who are more vehemently pro-life. Not because I agree with that, but, because I know they will FIGHT when they are in office to kick the loonies out of our government (including the ones in the DOJ/FBI) on their butts and will not be concerned about how any of them "feel" about it. lol

  6. Never knew the aboriginals had a nation thought it was just a load of wandering tribes, first nation is like calling other members native Americans when they were merely the first to find that continent.

  7. These People of colour from overseas should shut their mouths and but out of what goes on here.
    Take Shaq, he is a multi millionaire retired from basketball and a man of colour. He accepts an invitation from the imbecile PM of this country, to talk to the younger generation about something that had got absolutely nothing to do with him, concerning our indigenous people . I wonder if Shaq has ever gone to visit his countries first nations American Indians out on the reservations, seen how they live. I bet the answer to that is NO. So why is he talking about the indigenous people of this country. If he wants to know anything about the indigenous people he needs to go speak with Jacinta NAMPIJINPA Price or Mr. Warren Mundine, they will set him straight on what is happening in remote and outback indigenous communities.
    Now this women a guest of the ABC, buts in and comments on something that has nothing to do with her just because she is a woman of colour. What the bi-racial Newcastle Knights woman said was DESPICABLE to say the least, and a disgrace not only to the indigenous people but also to the sport she plays. It is no wonder rugby league gets a bad wrap with these imbicile opening their mouths to spew hatred instead of getting on with the sport. SHAME ON HER. And she deserved way more than what she got.
    And this ring in from the USA buts in and says she is entitled to say that. Really, well if that was a white person saying it about a person of colour all bloodyhell would break loose and she would have probably got suspended for the rest of the season and forfeit herwhole yearly game payments.
    RACISM works both ways, and I have found that people of COLOUR are NO DIFFERENT to WHITE people when it comes to RACISM. All lives matter not just black lives, the sooner the woke joke brigade and their stooges realise that, the better this world will be. TAKE THE HATRED SOMEWHERE ELSE

  8. The internet never forgets.
    I bet her family are so proud of her.
    Shame she never remembered the old adage ‘if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all’
    Twitter is a social cesspit

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