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Ashley St Clair – Timcast IRL – FDA Restricts JJ Vaccine Over Blood Clots w/Ashley St Clair

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Guest: Ashley St Clair
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Ashley St Clair - Timcast IRL - FDA Restricts JJ Vaccine Over Blood Clots w/Ashley St Clair

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  1. Going after Ian for advocating civility it's mind boggling…. That's pretty low Tim… Pretty sure I've heard you say several times when somebody attacks you ideologically you say "I just don't know why youre so mad"

  2. People love to bring up Elon and his china dealings but china is one of the biggest EV markets if I remember correctly and early on many of the vehicles were knockoffs of Tesla vehicles some by ip theft and were making people in china think tesla made shit cars because the knockoffs were garbage so the expanded there very quickly. Also about the gigafactory in china he does it because shipping cars across the ocean isn't very green so he builds these factories near to where they will end up and does as much of the process in those factories all to lower emissions and deliver more vehicles and speed up the adoption of EV's world wide. This has been his plans for many many years. And much of the most egregious things were being overlooked by everyone in the world and the media wasn't shining a light on china as much as it has the last couple years or since trump.

  3. seamus was missing the mark at the end of this. idk how in the same discussion he can go from saying abortion is totally unacceptable in the case of rape and then say that its for women. thats kinda just shitty imo. and then saying that rape victims who may get pregnant are NOT being victimized by the state when the state would tell them they cannot get an abortion for a kid that they had NO CHOICE in the making of. im mostly pro life but i have two exceptions in the case of rape and incest. i still like seamus but that was like pretty out of touch and uncool. and dont get me wrong, i would totally agree with saemus if there was consensual sex happening but this is not it man. in short, that was a major 1 he rolled there. and i know this is probably gonna get me a lot of hate from the viewers who see this but i just gotta say it. love tim tho as usual. hes the grey jedi of politics

  4. Ian rolled a 1 hard about a person not being a person until they have a personality and a birth certificate. Im not comfortable with the government deeming me a person lmao

  5. There are adult people that don’t have birth certificates… our food has been changed to be more palatable because the food the way it was wasn’t very good. And meat birds are sad but you can get heritage birds, they are smaller of course…

  6. my neighbor has been in the hospital for over 3 months now and there is no word on when he may be able to come home – he was never diagnosed with cuvid, but had all his vax. He was originally diagnosed with bronchitis, which turned into pneumonia, and ultimately they had to do an emergency surgery to remove blood clots in his lungs – he's in very bad shape, still no definite word on his future health at this point.

  7. Slaves in the south were not allowed to vote. The 3/5ths compromise didnt limit their voting power, it limited the population count for the purpose of the house of representitives. The north said "you shouldbt have slaves, but if you do, it shouldnt give you more political power."

  8. Your brain can't function without generalization. All words are generalized ideas. Categorization is generalization because no things are exactly identical.

    Also, Nazis are socialists. Though and through. That was clear at the time. Fascists are also socialists and while there are similarities between fascism and nazism, just like there are similarities between nazism and Stalinism and fascism, Nazis did not consider themselves fascist and have distictions that make them as different from Stalinism as from fascism, but they're all clearly socialist.

    If you go by the original French definition, all authoritarianism and conservatism is right-wing and all liberalism, progressivism, and revolution, is left-wing.

    Obviously these things don't go hand in hand. They are generalizations.

    When talking about left and right in American politics, original French definitions don't make sense. You're referring to generalized positions from people that call themselves left and right.

    We can always caveat we don't mean ALL people, this is just a generalization, but there's really no reason too after you have the understanding it's a generalization.

    The bigger problem is the conflation between generalization and speciation.

  9. I think this will come down to economics.
    Modern society has the luxury of choosing life, or not.
    What are thoughts on abortion of baby that would cost society more through cost of care if they were severely disabled?
    Also, what about euthanasia? surely parents decide if the child can have a good life or not.

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