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Accordions For Sale – Looking to buy a used accordion? Watch this first.

Pots Looking to buy a used accordion? Watch this first. on the topic of Accordions For Sale You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
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Martin Hergt and his family have been servicing, selling, and leasing accordions for over 50 years. Tempo Trend Music is the name of their store. He ships worldwide. Send Martin an email at or call him at 1-888-838-3676

Martin brought my broken white accordion back to life. Can’t recommend him enough!

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Accordions For Sale - Looking to buy a used accordion? Watch this first.

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  1. I have a mother of pearl Video Accordion 120 base I have had for 50+ years. It is student size. I would like to trade it for an adult size. Any suggestions in how I can do this?

  2. Further to your video, I sent "Tempo Trend" an email through their site. I'm a beginner (at my age ((: ) and learnt from your videos a lot about my accordion – Lady Paolo Soprani Donina-1 80 bass, play it etc., that I found with some thrown out junk near my home, in Israel. I renovated it but it has some faults in 2 basses that I intend to bring back to the shop where it was renovated. But after watching your videos, especially this one, I started thinking of purchasing another one, maybe 90 bass (if it's not too heavy) and Martin's offer sounds the best deal I can think of. I would appreciate having your ideas and comments about my thoughts. And – thank you A LOT for your tutorial videos.

  3. Lot of good sense and tips here. One little irritation I have, which may seem like a minor niggle, but can cost money longer term…Martin is checking out the Titano without fastening the bellows straps. particularly with the metal mesh types, which this model has, if the straps are not firmly secured and left flapping about, as they are here, they tend to twist and can easily bend slightly out of shape, sufficiently to rub against the bellows when holding them in the closed position…over the years I've seen many examples of bellows damage caused simply because of this bad habit…

    Otherwise, very informative…thanks for sharing…!

  4. Unfortunately on the other side of the planet from where I live or I'd be buying an accordion from Martin's shop. I'm from Canada but live in Australia, and shipping is astronomically high at the moment.

  5. Thanks. In the part where I live junk shop vendors are the best possible connoisseurs of old piano accordion. My God! They are patriotic supporters of 'desi' technology!

  6. what was that little red accordion you played and it had a rich French sound in comparison to the big North American one? You played Edith Piaf La Vie En Rose. What chromatic button accordions have such rich sound?

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