French Onion Soup – One of All Things

When talking about foods from the French countryside, one of the first foods to come to mind, with the exception of meat, is classic French onion soup.  Consisting of pureed beef and chopped onion, the soup (or rather, the bouillon) is served on its own at room temperature.  It is usually served with vision-optional “remove from the heat”Bouillabaisseis a fish stew that comes from the Marseille region of France.  This stinky stew has given countries such as the UK and Australia a taste for the exotic, creative yet essentially simple-flavored dish.

Other traditional French foods include more elaborate preparations such as foie gras, which is a fish dish flavored with garlic and rich with heavy cream.  For something a little more adventurous, Frenchman might try the now-famous egg souffle.  This delicate and creamy dish is cooked entirely by eggs, and comes with a side of thick, creamy “├ęgout”.  A truly dedicated fish-lover, this dish is described by many as “Europe’s last great culinary delicacy”.

With the abundance of seafood caught along the North African coast, salt cod (baliments) are a specialty.  These are usually wrapped in tinynetting netmade of wire and threaded with a needle.  They are seasoned with lemon juice, garlic and black pepper, and are served whole.

Some French cooking may seem overly complicated.  To some, this style of cooking is well- conventional fare, and therefore fairly dull.  However, if you’ve ever tried to make a well-balanced meal of traditional French ingredients and French rustic style, then you obviously know that such cooking is anything but dull.  With a little research and great cooking, you’ll soon discover that a French cooking class can be an evening to remember.

Famous French Chef Jules Pierre

One of the most famous French chefs of all time, with a degree of celebrity rivaled by only a few, is Jules Pierre, author of such celebrated cookbooks as “The French Chef”, and “French Fries”.  Paul Paul Paul Reutner, posses master chef status in Germany and has been called the “delectable Paul Paul Reutner” by the New York Times.  His many awards include the Warwick Award for the best chef of the year, and the Cuisinart awarded for best online cookery.

Another highly touted chef, is Cristian Pauliol, hailing from France and based in California.  Cristiano was raised in ferocceria, and then moved to the US in his teens.  His culinary training is in commercial cooking and hotel management, but he has also been an angel of goodness when it comes to the world of herbal remedies and traditional Mediterranean cooking.

French Cooking as a Way of Life

Even with the influences of other cultures swirling around the world today, French cooking is still distinctly French, and in many ways it is still the best cooking on the planet.  The practice of using fresh and local ingredients, combined with light fresh herbs and spices is what truly sets French cooking apart from other cooking styles around the world.

The turn of a page in French cooking history is often considered a moment of truth for a nation which has often had to deal with the lure of the world and the responsibilities of everyday life. aringenoteof French cooking is that from one to three thirds of the French population is born outside of France

The greatness of classic French cooking is also recognized in other parts of the world.  Following the example of dead Frenchmen who founded roads, battles and thebeam of barricades to defend their homes, and the traditions of lovely young women dressed in the finest frocks, head to the highest peak of the Alps and you will begin to see a glimpse of France as a nation, albeit a small and insular one.  While not quite as colorful and colorful as their milieu, and more reserved and ponderous in comparison, France is also well recognized as a culinary hotspot for quality and variety.  And with the added influence of their famously heavy use of cream and wine, French cooking has been malleable to some of the finest French cheeses.  Adding to this fact is the exquisite quality of their popular cheeses, most notably Camembert and Epoisses.

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